Amanda Rachelle Cerny, better known as Amanda Cerny, is a famous American model, actor, and filmmaker. She’s a huge deal on the internet, with millions of fans following her wherever she goes. Her comedic skits are also very popular. She has her own channel on the video-sharing website. Amanda used to have over 4 million followers on the Vine app because of her popular videos. She also appeared on the cover of Health & Wellness magazine. Additionally, she has modeled for other companies, including Nike, Marc Jacobs, and Guess, among others. In addition, she has crowned Playboy’s Playmate for the month of October 2011. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

Amanda Cerny Nude: Who Is She?

Amanda Cerny, one of the most well-known American supermodels, has also dabbled in Florida acting. Her outstanding performances in such hit series as Dead House, The Deleted, and Shane & Friends have earned her widespread acclaim. She is no stranger to film, having been in many with Nicolas Cage, one of Hollywood’s greatest names.

Amanda Cerny is a popular figure in the social media world, with millions of fans following her on platforms including Vine, Instagram, and Twitter. A fitness expert, TV personality, and the creator of the Play Foundation with over 2.8 million YouTube subscribers and 25 million Instagram followers. Amanda and J Balvin appeared in the music video for Cardi B’s “I Like It.” In addition to Guess, Amanda has modeled for brands including Nike, Beats by Dr. Dre, Ubisoft, Marc Jacobs, and Universal. Amanda has amassed a dedicated following because of her natural humor and ability to make people laugh. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.


As of 2021, Amanda Cerny will become 30 years old. She was born on June 26, 1991. Originally from the United Kingdom, she grew up in a prosperous household in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was born and raised in the United States and is Christian. Amanda attended a Pittsburgh public school for her elementary through high school years. She aced every test she took. After that, she went on to enroll at Florida State University in the state of Florida, which is located in the United States, and it was there that she earned her degree. She’s been working as a model since she was 15 years old, and ever since she was a little girl, she’s wanted to work in the entertainment sector. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

  • Nick Name: Amanda Cerny
  • Real Name: Amanda Cerny
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Birth Place: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Height: 1.67 m
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Birth Date: June 26, 1991
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: In a Relationship

Family Information

The well-known vine designer was born in the USA, along with her sisters Samantha and Nicole Cerny. Her dad, Ross, is an employee at Change Healthcare, and her mom, Amy Reed, is a professional mixed martial arts teacher. Amanda’s parents divorced in 2013 and have since gone their own ways. Her parents both got married when she was a baby; her mom to Jason Reed and her dad to a new wife. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

Early Life

YouTube sensation was founded on June 26, 1991, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, for Vines. Sometime later, she and her family relocated to Florida. Amanda Cerny is 28 years old this year. In addition, she is of white American descent. Amanda and her younger sister Samantha now reside in Los Angeles. She always had a strong interest in performing and modeling. Amanda was quite active in the school’s extracurricular when she was a student there. She also has a degree from Florida State University. She also has a wide network of other YouTubers she collaborates with. Her flings with celebrities like Josh Peck, King Bach, and Logan Paul keep her in the spotlight. Since 2017, Amanda has been seeing her lover “Johannes Bait!”

Personal Life

Regarding her private life, she has never been married. However, the stunning teenager has dated celebrities like Dane Cook and King Bach. Furthermore, the most widespread gossip was her alleged romantic involvement with music star Justin Bieber. It didn’t last long, however, since she soon began dating blogger and YouTube sensation Logan Paul. They’ve reportedly been together since 2017, and she’s been spotted posting on his channel. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

Physical Appearance

Amanda Cerny is a very lovely and nice young lady. She has a gorgeous thin body type and outstanding dimensions, making her an absolute knockout. Her dimensions are around 34-25-36 inches. She weighs 60 kg and is 1.70 meters tall. She has long, glossy, dark brown hair and stunning dark brown eyes.


She was just 15 when she started her modeling career. After finishing her education, she sees photos of Kelly Carrington, Miss October 2008, and becomes interested in working for Playboy. She then follows up by submitting images to Playboy’s editorial staff. Cerny was invited to the Mansion for a tour and a test shoot while she was a junior in college. Cerny was given the opportunity to represent the month of October as Miss October 2011, and she took it by ditching her studies at a prestigious university to follow her aspirations in Hollywood.

After being in the magazine, she kept modeling for a living, often for glamour photos. She became famous when she and her closest friend Lele Pons began uploading hilarious videos to the video-sharing platform Vine. Her video, “5 Rules for Eating a Banana,” quickly became a viral hit. As of this writing, Amanda has over 4 million followers just on Vin (a 6-second video app). Another music video she was in was FartBarf’s Homeless at Heathrow. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

She’s not just a successful model but also a popular YouTuber with her channel Amanda Cerny Vlogs. The Bet, her first film, was released in 2016. Amanda also has a huge online following, with millions of people following her on both Instagram and Twitter. She has a recurrent part on the Comedy Central show Adam Devine’s House Party. She has also participated in the productions Deported, Public Disturbance, as well as Superstition: The Rule of Threes, and Airplane Mode. They cast her in the 2017 sports drama Speedball, which is full of quick action.

Accomplished Actress

Amanda proved she was more than just a lovely face when she made her acting debut there in the TV series “Hello Ladies” in 2013, and she later had a recurring part as Leilani in the TV series “Adam Devine’s House Party” in 2016. In the same year, Amanda appeared in numerous other high-profile projects, including the comedy film “Internet Famous” (in which she played the role of Amber Day) with Shane Dawson, Steve Green, as well as Wendy McColm, and the TV thriller series “The Deleted,” in which she played the role of Breeda. Amanda can next be seen in the comedy “Public Disturbance,” and she has roles in many more projects in production right now, including “Airplane Mode” and “#211,” both of which are set for release in 2018. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

Net Worth In 2022

Amanda Cerny has a large fan base on YouTube and has also tried her hand at acting, modeling, and hosting. By July 2022, she is expected to have amassed a net worth of $10 million. Amanda has found success not just as a YouTuber but also in the fields of acting, modeling, and hosting, where she has garnered significant cash. Amanda Cerny is a popular American model, actor, presenter, and YouTuber. There is a sizable number of Amanda’s devoted online followers that use Twitter and Instagram. Given her popularity, she was able to find jobs in the entertainment industry. As well as acting, modeling, and hosting, she is a social worker. She does a lot of good with her nonprofit organization, which she calls the “play foundation.” One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

How Does Amanda Cerny Nude Make Her Money?

Amanda Cerny’s wealth comes from her work as an actor and model in the United States. According to data from 2015, her wealth is estimated to be $8 million. In addition, she has a successful career in the fitness industry and may draw wealth from it. She has almost 22 million Instagram followers and 2.6 million YouTube subscribers, making her a social media phenomenon. An analysis of her YouTube channel suggests that she earns between $28.6k and $457.6k annually, as reported by Over 4.6 million people followed her on the 6-second video app Vine, where she became the most famous. Her inclusion on the Playboy Playmates list in October 2011 further contributed to her rising star status.

Social Media

Cerny, like many other people in the entertainment industry, makes heavy use of social media to connect with her followers, spread the word about her projects, and raise her profile. She became well-known when the defunct social networking site Vine shared her videos, and she became one of the platform’s most influential users. She then moved on to Instagram and YouTube, where she first released short comedic videos before shifting her attention to lengthier content like vlogs and vlog series, which have helped Cerny amass a following of over 23 million. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

The captions on several of her most recent postings said, “Science demonstrates that experiences bring more enduring enjoyment than material items.” The posts in question were advertisements for Skyhour. As time passes, people’s satisfaction with their possessions declines, but their appreciation for their memories grows. The video seems to have been well received by her audience, who have commented favorably on it. In addition, Amanda posted a picture of herself along with a motivational message asking her followers to avoid looking at other people and comparing themselves to them since they are special in their own ways. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.


Almost a million of us have embraced Cerny on Twitter, and it’s possible that she’s just as living there as she is on Instagram. Her most recent tweet is a post in which she recommends the show “You” and jokes that the title alone makes for a stalkerish phrase. In addition, many of her fans often discuss her on Twitter. She conceived of the #Cernyfit hashtag as a way to encourage her fans to get in shape and share their progress with her. A supporter tweeted that they were proud of her for completing the first week of her training routine and feeling great. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

Boyfriend of Amanda Cerny Nude

Currently, Amanda Cerny is dating a guy named Johannes Bartl. Bartl is a U.S.-based Instagram star, fitness guru, and YouTuber who has amassed over 2 million followers. Bartl and Cerny started dating in 2017, and by 2020 they will have been together for nearly three years. She features Bartl mostly in her videos and blogs. Cerny has been connected to Justin Bieber and has dated Logan Paul, Keegan Allen, Dane Cook, and King Batch. She has now become a UN ambassador and the creator of and donor to many charities. On the joyous occasion of Diwali, which took place in November, Cerny shared a photo of herself dressed in traditional Indian attire with her admirers.

Amanda Cerny Nude and Justin Bieber’s Romantic History

Amanda is making great strides, but things still aren’t perfect. The list of people she has dated is impressive. She has dated a number of well-known people, including Keegan Allen, Josh Peck, King Bach, and, most recently, Logan Paul. In 2016, the name of pop star Justin Bieber was added to the conversation. This speculation was bolstered by a Vine video she uploaded in July of 2016. She was shown in the video with the famous singer in the famous celebrity hangout, The Doheny Room in West Hollywood. As she sang and moved freely, Bieber matched her energy. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.

Amanda Cerny and Lele Pons

Amanda’s pal Lele Pons was also a viral video celebrity, having gained fame on Vine, YouTube, and Instagram. Their connection eventually ended, however, as she learned that her buddy had been removing her videos in an effort to prevent her from gaining more subscribers. Cerny disclosed the incident in a video, including included further screenshots of their exchange. The aftermath of this controversy resulted in a large number of individuals siding with Amanda and being loyal supporters. Cerny is best friends with Logan and Jake Paul, among many others, and often features them in her social media postings. One of the most popular search terms people search online about her is Amanda Cerny Nude.


  • She started the Play Foundation, a charity that encourages young people all around the globe to make music together.
  • In addition, Cerny was featured as Playboy’s October 2011 Playmate of the Month.
  • On Vine, a 6-second video app, she amassed nearly 4.6 million followers.
  • As of July 2018, Amanda is also a co-founder of the ZEUS On-Demand Video App.
  • In the United States, Cerny earned his degree in Foreign Affairs from Florida State University in the state of Florida.
  • She has worked with such well-known companies as Nike, Universal, Ubisoft, Beats by Dre, and Guess.
  • Cerny’s half-brother, Nick Bateman, is an actor, while Cerny’s older sister, Samantha Cerny, is a YouTube sensation.

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