Amouranth is a well-known Twitch streamer, cosplayer, and social media influencer from the United States. Star of Amouranth Onlyfans, a social media sensation, and a YouTube sensation. In Texas, she was born on December 2, 1993. The country of the United States. Her gaming and cosplay videos have made her a household name on the internet. Having a large following on social media platforms like Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter only adds to her notoriety. There are now millions of people that follow her Twitch and Twitter accounts.

It’s not the only thing she’s accomplished. The internet is buzzing about her at the moment. At this time, Amouranth is a popular search term on the internet. You’ll learn about Amouranth on this page, including her name, birth date, birthplace, and education. Information on a person’s background, including his or her parents and siblings, as well as their professional and personal relationships and accomplishments, as well as their financial resources, is available online. We’ve done our best to answer all of your questions concerning Amouranth in this article. If you’d want to learn more about Amouranth, then please continue reading this article.

Kaitlyn Siragusa: Who is she?

Kaitlyn Siragusa was born on December 2, 1998, in the United States. She works as a model, cosplayer, and business owner. As of 2021, Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known as Amouranth, is 28 years old. Houston, Texas, is where she now resides with her husband and two children. Her ancestry includes that of the English, Irish, Italian, and Cherokee. In addition to her role as a cosplayer, she also works as a model and costume designer. At the age of 16, she began her cosplay adventure. A Charmed Affair” was the name of her firm founded in 2015. She is also active on websites like Snapchat, Instagram, Patreon, and YouTube. Her parents only had one kid. In all, she’s worked on over 280 videos thus far.

  • Full Name: Kaitlyn Siragusa
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Date of Birth: December 2, 1993
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Profession: Model, Twitch streamer, Costume designer
  • Net Worth: $600,000 – $700,000
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Weight: 54 Kg
  • Height: 5’4’’
  • Relationship Status: Single

Childhood and Early Life

The real name of Kaitlyn Siragusa is Amouranth Onlyfans, and she is 27 years old. Houston, Texas, USA, was the place of her birth on December 2, 1993. Her parents only have a single kid, but no more information about her family has been made public to this point. Sagittarius is her astrological sign. Irish, Italian; English; and Cherokee ancestry may be traced back to her. Even though she was reared by strict parents, she received a lot of love and attention from her family. It’s impossible to tell anything about her educational history without knowing her name. Crafting, gaming, and the arts are just a few of her numerous interests. She has a Border Collie called Nox, whom she loves dearly. Twitch is her dog’s favorite pastime.

Amouranth Family

Amouranth’s family tree remains a mystery at present due to a lack of information on the internet. She’s quite private about her family and parents. as well as parents and siblings. She hasn’t spoken about her parents or siblings, either. She doesn’t want anybody to know about her family, it seems. This might be the reason she’s been able to keep her family out of the spotlight for the time being. For the time being, we don’t know anything about Amouranth’s origins. It’s her obligation to do so.

The Physical Appearance of Amouranth

Her physical appearance is pleasing. She stands at the height of 5 feet, 4 inches. Amouranth’s body weight is around 54 kg. Her dark hair matches her brown eyes perfectly. Amouranth is a beautiful, talented, and enticing woman. She has a sophisticated demeanor. She is of Caucasian ancestry and of European descent. The fashionable demeanor of Amouranth has a way of catching the eye of onlookers.

Amouranth: Body Dimensions, Height, and Weight

This American woman is a far cry from her true self. She constantly puts new things to the test since it’s part of her job description. Designs and blogs take up the lion’s part of her time. Countless individuals are enthralled by her sparkling light. At the same time, she has one of the sexiest bodies in the world. The chest-to-waist-to-hip ratio of 34-24-35 inches gives Kaitlyn Siragusa’s height as 5 feet 4 inches. Coffee-colored waves in her hair give her an aura of sophistication.

Plastic Surgery

Siragusa’s fan base has grown significantly as a result of the singer’s rising stardom on the internet. However, she has received a great deal of criticism as a result of this. Plastic surgery is one of the many allegations leveled against her. Some say Kaitlyn had breast augmentation surgery, but others deny it. In reality, only Kaitlyn is privy to the whole truth.

Increase In Popularity of Amouranth

When she started broadcasting on Twitch in 2016, she began her rise to fame. Even though she was well-known in the cosplay and costuming community, she didn’t have much internet following. She mostly utilized her social media and website profiles to promote her cosplaying profession and appearances both at gaming and comic events.

Cosplay was the driving force for her YouTube channel, which she launched in 2016. On Twitch, at the time she began broadcasting, she was listed as a “Creative” streamer. This area was eventually renamed IRL and subdivided into ten separate categories by the firm. Just Chatting is a popular sub-genre of Amouranth’s streams, in which streamers don’t really play games but rather converse with their viewers in real-time.

On her channel, she’s done everything from cooking to ASMR to animal streaming to just chatting with her viewers. From the so-called “Hot Tub Meta,” she became a household name (and, at the same time, an object of scorn). On her hot tub broadcasts, she may play computer games like Mario Kart, draw the names of contributors on her body, or give tarot readings for her viewers, all while wearing bikinis and sitting in a hot pool. It’s been a big boost to her popularity and contributions on Twitch because of this kind of material.

Amouranth Career Overview

His birth date is December 2, 1993. She has reached the age of 27. A total of five contentious bans, as well as the occasional promotion of sexually explicit material on her shows, have contributed to the rising popularity of the famous broadcaster. People are still debating whether or not her YouTube channel is damaging. On the other hand, Amouranth continues to ignore what people say. Amouranth Onlyfans may be worth $7 million by 2020, according to Nail Buzz. Sponsorships, contributions, subscriptions, and advertising are the most common sources of cash for streamers.

On Twitch, Amouranth has more than 20,000 subscribers. Twitch Partners, Affiliates, as well as Twitch itself all, get a cut of the membership cost, as stipulated in the service’s terms and conditions. As a result of the split, a $4.99 membership cost will net the streamer roughly $2.50. Streamers will be compensated differently based on their level of popularity. If Amouranth’s subscribers were included in the payments, she might be making close to $50,000 a month.

Amouranth also has a large following on Instagram and YouTube, which allows her to earn money from a variety of sponsorships and ads. Before becoming an online sensation, Amouranth worked as a wardrobe assistant for the Houston Grand Opera as well as Houston Ballet. TLC’s The Little Couple twice included A Charmed Affair, a children’s entertainment business founded by her, as a part of its roster of stars.

Net Worth of Amouranth

Sportskeeda estimates Amouranth’s net worth at $5-$7 million. Amouranth has been quite active on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch, where he makes money through sponsorships, adverts, and contributions. In May 2021, Amouranth’s Twitch channel stopped getting ads because the site thought her content wasn’t “advertiser-friendly.” Despite this, Amouranth was still able to receive contributions from Twitch viewers and make money. She also owns four YouTube channels, with monthly earnings of up to $100,000.


As previously said, Amouranth has a wide variety of content-creation platforms that may help her earn more money. Amouranth’s YouTube videos have between 20 and 30 million monthly views, translating to earnings of $20 to $40 thousand. She’s also active on a number of pornographic sites, where she earns a tidy sum through memberships and one-time payments to anybody who wants to view her material. Despite the fact that Amouranth is unlikely to divulge the precise sum she receives from her subscriptions, it is possible that she will.


Currently, Amouranth is sponsored by G Fuel and online retailers like Dolls Kill. We’re unable to provide an exact figure since the well-known streamer hasn’t acknowledged publicly how much money she makes from these arrangements. According to our estimates, the streamer may expect to make between $500,000 and $1,000,000 from her different sponsorship arrangements. There are many games that Amouranth Onlyfans is currently broadcasting on her Twitch account, and she also participates in Just Chatting sessions. However, it’s worth mentioning that she’s recently been focusing more on ASMR-based video on streaming platforms rather than gaming content.

Even though she is active across a number of social media platforms, Amouranth mostly uses Twitch to broadcast her live gameplay sessions. Amouranth is a prolific YouTuber that specializes in cosplay and lifestyle content, with a focus on the adult market. Amouranth has been streaming since January 2017 but has gained a majority of her followers recently. Controversies have surrounded her Twitch live-streaming career to this point. She’s been banned from the site 3 times, with advertising suspended in May 2021.

Boyfriend & Relationships of Amouranth

Amouranth’s rumored spouse is Nick Lee, according to many sources. She has publicly said that she is unmarried and denies the rumors. We know very little about Amouranth’s relationships since she has kept them extremely private. The internet is rife with claims that Amouranth is dating Matt Barr and that they have been doing so for a time. The streamer, on the other hand, never verified that she was dating Matt Barr.

Is Amouranth Married?

Not to mention, Kaitlyn Siragusa is an excellent woman, and she has a figure that, without any effort, would attract a lot of admirers. Whatever the situation may be, her love life has been a huge conundrum that the media and her throngs of admirers have been unable to unravel. There have been a number of earlier reports concerning her. According to one version of events, she is married to a guy named Nick Lee, despite the fact that she has been quite tight-lipped about her personal life. According to rumors, Lee, who works out regularly as a weight lifter, has long been a fan of the lovely cosplayer. They allegedly began dating in 2014 or 2015 and subsequently married sometime later that year.

To put it another way, at that time, Amouranth tied the knot, and her husband was Nick Lee. The argument against her was that she is hiding her marital status due to the financial benefits she has been receiving from followers who still believe she is not married. There is also a rumor that she has been dating a guy named Matt Barr. Similar to the previous conversation, Kaitlyn Siragusa hasn’t spoken a word about it to verify or deny it.

The Recent Controversy

Twitch banned two female ASMR broadcasters, Amouranth and Indiefoxx, in June of this year for streaming from their beds. While licking a microphone, both of them wore what looked to be the leggings popular on TikTok. Many believe that Twitch’s limitations on “sexually suggestive” material are the basis for the suspensions. Sex toys for other than educational reasons, “erotic dancing,” and “deliberately highlighting” one’s “breasts, buttock, or pelvic area” are all prohibited by these rules.

In this situation, the real problem is that Twitch hasn’t yet made clear rules about what can and can’t be done. Intentionally unclear and subject to interpretation, the phrasing seems to be. Both creators’ bans have been revoked at the time of this writing, but with the Twitch audience divided evenly between supporters and opponents, it seems that the future of Amouranth Onlyfans and other streams like him is still in doubt.

What Is Amouranth’s Source of Income?

Amouranth is said to be valued between $2 and $7 million. So, how does the infamous streamer make a living? It’s not via Twitch advertising, either. Advertising on her Twitch account has been halted while she continues to broadcast. She alleged that she is now missing out on 35 to 40 thousand dollars a month because of the halt in advertising. Despite the loss of this source of money, she still receives a sizable monthly paycheck. A look at the many methods by which she generates money.

YouTube and Twitch

The streaming site does not allow Amouranth to profit from advertising, but she may do so via Twitch. She gets money from paid memberships and contributions, much like most other partnered game streams. In fact, she is the 22nd most popular member on the site, with almost 19,000 members. In addition, Amouranth Onlyfans owns a number of YouTube accounts. Among her most popular videos are those in which she shows off various outfits she’s tried on while shopping. In addition to ASMR, she has a third channel that features snippets from her broadcasts and brief blog posts. A lot of money comes in from these YouTube channels since they are all monetized.

Affiliate And Brand Partnerships

Her wealth is mostly derived from the agreements she strikes with big corporations and organizations. Amouranth’s endorsement fees aren’t exactly known, but they’re obviously not cheap. G FUEL, an energy drink geared for gamers, and Huel, a meal replacement firm, are two of her business partners.


OnlyFans is also a big fan of Amouranth Onlyfans. For June, she earned more than $1 million via Onlyfans, according to Ethan Klein on the H3H3 podcast. Her recent Twitch suspension boosted the development of OnlyFans subscribers, she stated.

Amouranth’s Twitch Bans: Their History and Origins

First Ban (September 2019)

Due to a wardrobe malfunction, Amouranth Onlyfans was banned in September 2019. Twitch banned Amouranth when she exposed herself while playing with her dog. Despite the ban, she gained tens of thousands of new fans, allowing her to make a triumphant comeback on Twitch. However, Amouranth’s March 2020 ban resulted in a loss of thousands of followers.

Second Ban (March 2020)

Twitch did not explain the second ban. They just made a note of Amouranth’s “inappropriate behavior,” but some people got the impression that he was kicked out of the gym because of a recent broadcast. Her arrest was likely for promoting pornographic content or recording without permission.

Third Ban (May 2020)

The third suspension occurred two months after the second. This ban is the most contentious on this list since Amouranth was supposedly duped into it. Amouranth mistakenly shared a chat user’s NSFW profile photo with her friends. Twitch soon identified the error and temporarily banned Amouranth from the platform.

Fourth Ban (June 2021)

Twitch banned Amouranth and another famous “hot tub” broadcaster, Indiefoxxx, for about the fourth time in June 2021. When Amouranth Onlyfans started licking her microphone on an ASMR broadcast, it sparked the ban. Smaller streamers are still participating in this sort of material, though. For a few more months, the streamer was spared from the oppressive heat.

Fifth Ban (October 2021)

In October 2021, Twitch and Amouranth were once again at loggerheads. After being banned from Twitch for the seventh time, Amouranth claims she has no idea why. Even so, she remained cheerful and made snarky remarks about how a three-day suspension would affect her revenue as one of Twitch’s most lucrative broadcasters. She was in high spirits. The suspension hasn’t deterred her despite the fact that she had been ban-free for sixteen months before that. It’s safe to say she’s back at home on Twitch, with as many viewers as before.

Twitch Future of Amouranth

Since its inception, Amouranth Onlyfans has been subjected to a series of short and intermittent suspensions. Every time Amouranth leaves Twitch, she comes back stronger than ever. As long as Amouranth doesn’t commit any severe infractions, she has a stable Twitch job. Amouranth, a well-known Twitch broadcaster, has previously expressed her desire to stop broadcasting. Regardless of the bans she gets, she seems to be having a great time streaming to her enormous Twitch following.

Facts Worth Knowing About Amouranth

  • In 2014, Amouranth began posting cosplay photos on her Instagram account.
  • Besides acting and modeling, Kaitlyn worked as a content creator and streamer.
  • Amouranth enjoys working out at the gym. She often posts pictures of her workouts on her Instagram account.
  • In light of her popularity, the streamer was covered by local media outlets.
  • Twitch has already banned Amouranth for not adhering to the community standards five times.
  • The Little Couple on Discovery Network previously featured Amouranth.
  • The well-known YouTuber is well-known for his stylish hauls.
  • The video “BODYSUIT Desire Haul” by Amouranth has 5.9 million views on YouTube.


Is Amouranth Married?

Not at all. Amouranth Onlyfans is single. As a result, she had previously denied allegations that she had a secret marriage to avoid losing her fans. During one of her live broadcasts, Amouranth disclosed that she is now single.

How Much Money Does Amouranth Make?

Amouranth earns $3-5 million annually. This remains unproven. She’s worth $5-7 million. Twitch has stopped promoting her channel. However, the last three months have been very productive for her job as a content creator.

Where Does Amouranth Stream?

There are several adult social media channels where Amouranth is active. Currently, she only broadcasts her live shows on Twitch.

Is Amouranth Highly Controversial?

Throughout his career, Amouranth has faced a number of challenges. Twitch has banned her three times for publishing sexually explicit material. Amouranth is well-known in the adult industry for her provocative and explicit material. As one of the most prominent female producers to broadcast many “hot-tub” streams in the last few months, Amouranth is a name to remember.


Overall, this Amouranth Onlyfans biography covers all the bases when it comes to the well-known erotic model and customer. She’s a figure and has always gotten favorable attention, no matter what social media she’s used. Unfortunately for the admirers, she has kept many personal facts to herself. Her family, relationship, and income are all unknown, but most people may make educated guesses based on her following database and the adverts that appear on her social media platforms. It’s safe to say she’s tremendously well-known and poised for more success.


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