Post Malone, also known as Austin Richard Post, is a 26-year-old American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Is post Malone gay entered the music business in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2015 that he became well-known. His songs have appeared on the top US Billboard charts.

In addition, he has won 10 Billboard Music Awards, been nominated for six Grammy Awards, and receive other music honors. This article will answer one of the most frequently posed queries about Malone. Post Malone: Is he gay? We’ll ask him about his past relationships and discuss them.

Post Malone is not gay, though. He has a daughter, is in a relationship, and even admit to being engage. Malone hasn’t explicitly confirm or denied involvement, but there have been rumors that he has been dating the South Korean artist MLMA since 2021.

A note on the nature of Post Malone and his parents:

Born on July 4, 1995, under the birth name “Ost Alone,” he was raised by a stepmother named Odie and his father, Rick, while they were both living in New York. His nationality is American, and he belongs to the White-American ethnic group. Looking further back through his ancestry, he is of partial Native American and Italian ancestry because his maternal great-grandfather was born to Italian parents. My father used to be a disc jockey and was the inspiration for my solitary love of music.

They began playing the guard when he was just one year old. He joined a heavy metal band and later transitioned into hip-hop; at 16, he completed his first recording. In high school, he was once chosen as the person most likely to become famous. Present began his education at Grapevine Secondary School and later chose Syracuse College, but he left after a few months. was once voted “Least Likely to Become Famous.” Present began his education at Grapevine Secondary School and later chose Syracuse College, but he left after a few months.

Is Post Malone Gay?

is post malone gay

Despite rumours to the contrary, is post Malone gay is not gay, and it isn’t much available about his sexual preferences. But where did the rumours come from? It all started when several people suggested he appear on “Queer Eye.” This program is not only well-liked, but it also supports the LGBTQ community.

Fans eagerly anticipated the Sunflower singer’s appearance on the program. Post Malone may have asked to appear on the show, according to Karamo Brown, who acknowledged it and tweeted as much. Malone later clarified that he didn’t ask for it; instead, he believed he was ugly.

Rapper Malone is well-known, and many people began to wonder about his sexual orientation after it was suggested that he participate in Queer Eye. On Queer Eye, gay designers “makeover” people in need.

Malone has never dated a man, making it unlikely that he is gay. He has, nevertheless, been romantically involved with several women, including Ashlen Diaz. Due to his secrecy and lack of honesty regarding his romantic relationships, Malone is also perceived as gay. The rapper may be gay because he hasn’t come out about his orientation, but it’s implausible given that he’s engaged and already has a daughter.

Career Start-Up

The Malone began his professional career in Los Angeles alongside his bandmates, including artists, producers, and other members. Together, they created the musical collective BLCKVRD and collaborated on several recordings. Within a month of the debut of his music video album for White Iverson in 2015, he experienced an increase in popularity. Post also received a recording deal from Republic Records, where he met numerous rappers, including 50 Cent, Young Thug, and others.

He had the chance to perform at Kylie Jenner’s birthday celebration. He met Kanye West at the party and complimented him on his performance. Additionally, he had the chance to work with others there. Additionally, he befriends Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer, and they collaborated on the mixtape’s performances.

Married post-Malone:

The only thing a lonely person is concerned with is keeping the pressure off his relationship life, and his tactic has worked thus far, even though back through his Twitter page, he had the internet buzzing about a girl by the name of Shelen Nicole Diaz. Although he provided typed information, we know he has been dating Shelen Nichole Diaz. They have been in an on-again relationship. Post Malone: Is He Gay?

Post Malone’s Fiance: Who Is She?

Malone keeps his personal life private, as was already mentioned, so no information is available about it. But a lot of people think Jamie is Malone’s future wife. None of them, however, has formally denied the rumors. In January 2021, Post Malone and Jamie, dating him then, were seen together in West Hollywood. Additionally, Jamie posed for photos while they were with Malone’s family.

Following that, it appears that some individuals began to harass her because they thought Jamie had deleted her social media accounts. However, it’s possible that she did it to conceal her pregnancy.

Later, Malone told TMZ that she had a child. I’m anticipating the next chapter of my life, I’m as happy as ever, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been sad, the man said. It’s time to take care of my health, family, and friends while spreading as much love as we can each day.

Prior Links Between Post Malone And MLMA

In 2020, rumors surfaced that Post Malone was dating famous Korean TikTok artist “I Love Me A lot.” (MLMA). She ignited relationship suspicions when she posted several images and videos of Post Malone on Instagram and TikTok accounts. However, it was never made clear whether or not they were dating because neither of them commented. Whether or not they were dating at the time doesn’t matter because it appears that their relationship ended, and as was already mentioned, it is thought that Malone and Jamie are engaged. On a 2020 Instagram picture of Post Malone, MLMA wrote, “I put makeup on the sweetest face.

Separation from Ashlen Diaz

In 2018, Post is post malone gay and Ashlen Diaz broke up painfully after dating for more than three years. Early in 2015, Post Malone and her struck up a romance after meeting at a bar in Dallas, Texas. They began dating after Ashlen got a job as a music promoter. Malone also received assistance from Ashlen in order to achieve more tremendous success.

In the interview with The Breakfast Club, Malone said that “given his busy schedule, it would be tough to establish a relationship.” In addition, Diaz admitted during several Q&A sessions with Post Malone fans that they had split up before getting back together.

His Rumored Connection to MLMA

In 2020, there were rumors that Post Malone was dating famous Korean TikTok musician “I Loved Me A Lot.” (MLMA). She raised questions about her romantic relationship when she shared numerous images and videos with Post Malone on her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

However, it was never made clear whether or not they were dating because neither of them comment. Regardless of whether they are currently dating or not, their relationship appears to have end, and as was already mention, it is thought that Malone and Jamie are engage. On a 2020 Instagram picture of Post Malone, MLMA wrote, “I put makeup on the sweetest face.

For three years, Post Malone dated Ashlen Diaz.

We know that Post Malone dated show promoter Ashlen Diaz for a long time between 2015 and 2018. In an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2016, the couple discussed how they first connected at work. Diaz booked the “Congratulations” singer for a Dallas performance in the winter of 2015. He said it was a case of falling in love at first sight. It was snowing when I just came, I met her, and I fell in love with this woman, he admitted to the morning radio crew.

The pair shared in the early career achievements of the rapper, including the 2016 release of his Stoney studio album. Later, Post Malone asserted that Ashlen was the subject of the well-known Justin Bieber song “Déjà Vu” from that album. “This song is truly exactly me throughout the beginning phases of starting to hang out with my girlfriend,” the rapper said in a 2017 article on Genius. “It’s just getting start, but after two years with her, it’s great. I hate her, but I still love her.

Sadly, the couple made the decision to separate in the fall of 2018. Even though there was no stated reason for the breakup, many people thought Post Malone’s busy schedule might have played a role. He admitted on The Breakfast Club in 2016 that balancing devoting his life to music and time to Ashlen was difficult. It isn’t easy because sometimes you’re too busy to work in the studio and make the best music.

Following their breakup with Diaz, Post Malone allegedly dated model Kano Shimpo for three months, from August to November of 2019. In numerous tabloid photos, the couple could be seen holding hands. But little is known about how they got together, met, or led to their breakup.

Early Life 

Austin Richard Post is the rapper’s real name; Post Malone is his stage name. It is not uncommon for musicians to use a different stage name. In addition, his supporters adore the name he gave himself.

The rapper, now 27 years old, was born on July 4, 1995. His birth mother is unknown to us, but sources claim that his father and stepmother raised him. But this isn’t a movie; this is real life. There were no tales of his stepmother mistreating him as a result. Malone later relocated to Texas after being born in Syracuse, New York. Little is known about his upbringing or education. It is assume that he is raising in a typical environment.

Malone didn’t simply one morning decide to start a music career. He was first exposed to music by Richard Malone, his father, who at one point worked as a DJ. Post Malone gradually grew interested in music and created his first mixtape at the age of sixteen. Even the idea that he attended college exists. But later, he left school to focus on music.

After-career Malone’s

Malone has always had a deep love for music. He left college early and relocated to Los Angeles, California, with a group of friends to pursue a music career. They met a few music producers while he was trying to break through as a performer, and they helped him release a song with Rex Kudo. With the success of the song “White Iverson,” he gained notoriety for both his voice and appearance. His record deal with Republic Records was soon sign. His career began this way, and things only got better there.

After this, Post Malone has not had to deal with failure. Before his debut release, he was largely ignore, but once he gained attention, He overcame all obstacles to become one of the most well-known rappers today. He has only had a short career, but he has already achieve success with songs like Rockstar, Psycho, Sunflower, Circles, and I Like You (featuring Doja Cat).

In addition, he has collaborate with some outstanding musicians, including Kanye West, Quavo, Young Thug, and 50 Cent. He has achieve great success in the music business and, among other things, has won three American Music Awards and ten Billboard Music Awards. The musician is exceptionally well-liked as of 2022, with more than 22 Instagram followers and more than 24 million YouTube subscribers.

Post Malone Salary

y almost ten years ago, the singer and rapper have gained a large international following. He has earned more than just that, though. Post Malone has amassed an impressive net worth of $45 million in a short period of time. His musical output and live performances are the sources of his wealth.


Post Malone’s ex-girlfriend Ashlen Diaz and they were together for more than three years before having a severe breakup in 2018. The two began dating early in 2015 when Post Malone first met her at a Dallas, Texas, nightclub.

Ashlen was employ as a music promoter there, and the two of them subsequently began dating. Whereas Ashlen also assisted Malone in achieving a new level of success. Malone added that “it would be challenging to maintain a relationship with his busy schedule” in the interview with The Breakfast Club. Additionally, Diaz revealed that they did break up a few times in some question-and-answer sessions with Post Malone fans.

Malone acknowledged being bisexual but hasn’t revealed his sexual orientation.

Malone’s sexual orientation is unknown because he hasn’t made it clear, but the majority of tabloids classify him as a straight man. However, some reports suggest that he might be gay or bisexual based on the way he dresses. Since Post has only had relationships with women in public up to this point, the gay rumor is unfound. However, without the singer’s affirmation, we are unable to confirm Malone’s sexual orientation.

Before Ashlen Diaz became famous in 2015, Malone and Ashlen Diaz began dating. They allegedly met at a Dallas nightclub where Ashlen was a promoter. Their chance encounter developed into much more, and they started dating. The inspiration for Post’s 2016 hit Déjà Vu was Diaz. The Post stated to Genius:

“Really, this song is just me at the start of my relationship with my girlfriend. I’ve been with her for two years, and while it’s still in the very early stages, it’s cool. She annoys me, but I still adore her. Although there are many duties hoes out there, I have an A-1, wonderful lady who I adore. I’m a decent boy. Malone acknowledged in an interview with The Breakfast Club that his hectic schedule would make it challenging to maintain a relationship. Still, he was certain that infidelity wouldn’t be a problem. Post said the best way to be a good boy is “it’s a wildlife, but you know, just play Xbox and keep [the girls] outside the tour bus.”

During a fan Q&A, Diaz disclosed that the couple frequently took breaks from one another. In the end, Post’s career reportedly stood between him and Diaz. Us Weekly claimed that Malone was hard at work in Utah at the time of their breakup in 2018.

Is Post Malone presently dating anyone?

Malone appears to have a new partner, based on one of his Instagram posts from this year. He posted a photo of the two with the caption “my heart.” Even though he hasn’t made their relationship public or spoken about it, there have been rumors that he’s dating Jamie because the two of them have been photograph kissing and being seen together numerous times.

Because he prefers to keep his personal life private, it would be his first relationship to become public if this turns out to be accurate. Malone stated, “I don’t like talking about my personal life, and I feel like it takes away from my music,” in a 2021 interview with Rolling Stone. away from the music,” and “I like to keep some things to myself and don’t want people always to know what I’m doing.” However, maintaining that when you are a public figure is challenging because you are constantly under observation.

Exploration of post-Malone SNL appearance

In addition to Selena Gomez serving as the evening’s host, Post Malone was reveal as the musical guest for the show’s most recent episode.

His fans had anticipated the singer’s performance on stage. Post-Malone not only performed a brand-new song in front of a live audience but also participated in the skits performed throughout the show. Undoubtedly, the entire event was a success, and viewers adored his performance on the show. However, it did not take long for people to begin commenting when the singer posted a behind-the-scenes picture.

Backstage, Post Malone was spot taking it easy while wearing a dress. Though it quickly gave rise to the “Is Post Malone Gay” comments.

Why is the singer not required to explain his sexuality?

Post Malone has never addressed his sexual orientation or the speculation that he might be gay. He doesn’t have to, in all honesty. It is inappropriate to associate the singer’s openness to experimenting with various styles with his sexual orientation. In actuality, Post Malone is not the only person to have donned a dress. Harry Styles, a singer, defied gender norms by donning a dress for the Vogue photo shoot.

We believe it’s past time for people to stop equating clothing with sexuality and to stop interfering with the artists’ ability to create.

Not for the first time in his life has post-Malone worn a skirt

In a January 2022 interview with Billboard, Post Malone flaunted his good looks while donning dresses that his stylist Catherine Hahn had created. Post Malone and Hahn have collaborate for a long time, so it was expect that the singer would be open to experimenting with new looks. He appears to have succeed in finding clothing that he adores and enjoys in his quest to achieve this. In light of this, it’s time for everyone to be free to dress however they please without facing criticism.


Awards & achievements: The songs have already received more than 500 million views globally. The other day, Rolling Stone referred to him as one of the nation’s most famous musicians in 2017.

The Netflix program’s five moderators—Antoni, Jonathan, Tan, Bobby, and Karamo—give those who are unlucky a makeover in its recently renew third season. After the announcement of season three, fans began suggesting that Post Malone appears on the program.

There will be eight scenes in the third season, all of which will occur in Kansas City, Missouri. Although production began this week (July 16), it won’t eventually be available on Netflix until 2019. Meanwhile, it was recently report that the program receive an incredible four Emmy nominations for its first season. It’s all in the book Is Post Malone Gay!

Post Malone body art

He is well-known for his daring sense of fashion, which includes an extensive collection of face tattoos. In particular, he has several tattoos on his face, including a barbed wire border across his forehead, the words “Stay Away” above his right brow, “always” beneath both of his eyes, and the word “STONEY” directly below his chin. When Malone was recording his album Stoney, he had a playboy bunny as his first tattoo on his arm (2016).



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