Julia Rose is a bikini model, Instagram star, television personality, and social media influencer from the United States. She shot to fame after starring in “Are You the One?” on MTV. In addition to being the creator of the erotica publication SHAGMAG, her Instagram account is a magnet for attention for its steamy, alluring photographs. Julia and her parents and siblings grew raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. She earned her bachelor’s degree from a Texas university. Julia Rose Nude always had an eye for style, and her images and videos on Instagram helped her break out as a model, gaining her tens of thousands of fans.

After making an appearance on the fourth season of MTV’s “Are You the One?” in 2016, she finally broke through. Julia is a social media star and model who has modeled for several different clothing, cosmetics, lingerie, and swimwear lines, including Honey Birdette and Sorry Dad. In addition, she and Becca co-host a podcast called “THE SH*TSHOW” on a YouTube channel of the same name.

Biography / Wiki

The creator of Shagmag is Julia Rose, a model from Zambia. She gained attention during World Series Game 5 for baring her breasts with model Lauren Summer. This occurred during the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals game. There were rumors that this event was planned to bring attention to breast cancer. Following this, the model received a lot of attention from the press and quickly rose to fame. She has also had appearances on popular American programs including Code Monkeys, CSI: New York, and Star Trek: Enterprise. A popular search term for her is Julia Rose Nude.

  • Real Name: Julia Rose
  • Nick Name: Julia
  • Age: 28 Years old
  • Birth Date: December 30, 1993
  • Famous For: Founder of Shagmag
  • Profession: Model, and Instagram Star
  • CEO: Shagmag
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian Descent
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Religion: Christianity

Where Was Julia Rose Nude Born?

Julia grew up remembering that she was born in Lusaka, Zambia. It’s because she was a Capricorn baby. She is Caucasian and has dual citizenship (Zambian and American). The only thing known about her parents is that they are both diplomats who worked for the United Nations, but beyond that, not much more is known. We are investigating if she has sisters or brothers and will keep you posted. She attended the University of Pennsylvania and majored in Diplomatic History for her formal education. A popular search term for her is Julia Rose Nude.

Julia Rose Education and Life

As a 1993 baby, she’s a product of the era. As of August of 2021, she will have turned 27. On the 30th of December, Julia had her birthday party. Based on her birthday, we know that she is a Capricorn. She is an ambitious, self-confident, and talkative person. Julia is White and was born and raised there in New Orleans, United States. She allegedly had both Zambian and American citizenship due to her birthplace. She was born in the United States but also has dual citizenship in Zambia. Julia Rose has a background in diplomacy and international relations from her time at the University of Pennsylvania.

Personal Life

Julia Rose dated Jacob Paul. Unknown factors ended their one-year relationship. Jake Paul apparently met Julia Rose while filming the music video for These Days, and on March 20, 2020, he publicly revealed her as his girlfriend in a vlog. Jake Paul fought AnEsonGib in Miami on January 30, 2020. He knocked out his opponent during the first round of their fight. Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend joined the new couple for some post-match hangtime. Kanye West never dated Julia Rose. The fact that Kanye West dated Julia Fox contributed to the misunderstanding. Doug Coughran, Stephen McHugh, and Harry Jowsey were all named as potential exes of Julia Rose. Popular search terms about her are Julia Rose Nude.

What Made Julia Rose Nude Famous?

She’s been a model for many brands. She was once included in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. In 2018, Sports Illustrated held a nationwide search for their “next great star” to include in their annual Swimsuit edition. She was also at World Series Game 5 between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals. Julia Rose nude gained notoriety after she and two other models flashed Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole during the seventh inning. She also started the company and serves as its CEO, Shagmag. Their website describes their publication as “a smorgasbord of all the information you could ever desire, compressed into a glossy magazine format.”

Includes “exclusive and unedited footage of Julia Rose and other emerging Instagram models. Rose worked as a bartender there at Hooters and other establishments in Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, before she became famous on an MTV reality program. Her tweet said, “Decided to put on the old uniform last night as well as show the bar how it’s done.” The picture showed her standing in her Hooters costume. Three times throughout her presentation, Julia used the Truth Booth. John Humphrey wasn’t his match, Giovanni Rivera wasn’t hers, and Cam Bruckman was her Perfect Match. Popular search terms about her are Julia Rose Nude.


Stunning beauty Julia Rose has reportedly done stints with a number of major modeling agencies. She joined in on the fun of the SI swimsuit issue’s theme as well. In addition, Julia Rose’s model drew attention to herself when she attended Game 5 of such 2019 World Series, which was played between the Washington Nationals as well as the Houston Astros. She and her other models put on a show when they displayed Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole.

Shagmag magazine was founded by Julia Rose, who also serves as its executive director. According to the magazine’s official website, this publication is “an all-you-can-eat buffet of anything you want to know featured in a digital magazine.” There are many sultry photos of her and other up-and-coming models there. Rose was spotted working as a waitress at Hooters and other establishments in Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles before her big debut show with MTV. Popular search terms about her are Julia Rose Nude.

Julia went inside the Truth Booth three times throughout her appearances on the program. John Humphrey was no match for her the first time around. For the second time, with Giovanni Rivera, she found out that he was not her match, but on the third try, with Cam Bruckman, she found her soul mate. Also well-known for flaunting her hot figure on social media, Julia Rose has gained fame as an Instagram star. Although she has a sizable fanbase, both her admirers and her partners seem to feel bad about the app’s decision to remove photos because they include too much skin exposure.

Modeling Career

Model Julia Rose was chosen to be the next cover girl for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. The sultry style icon collaborated with a number of swimwear and lingerie companies and made appearances in a number of commercials. The internet went wild for Julia, Kayla Lauren, and Lauren Summer on October 28, 2019. After the trio’s naked performance, she flashed off her breasts at World Series Game 5 in National Park.

Beyond merely being a pioneer in that subculture, she also created the first issue of Shagmag, which included the work of a number of stunning women. Just on Instagram, the fashion magazine has amassed a massive following of over 325,000 people. She often hangs out with other gorgeous models like Lauren Summer and Alexis Clark. Around the middle of the year, she became a cover model for Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit edition. She appeared on the cover of SHAGMAG, which she helped establish, in March 2019.

Stats about Julia Rose’s Height, Age, and Hair Color

On December 30, 1993, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Julia Rose entered the world. A professional actress in the United States. Both her and his parents’ names are unknown. Julia Rose stands at a height of 5.7 and a weight of 56 kg (approx.). She has stunning brown eyes. Her boyfriend’s name is Jake Paul, as per social media and the newest news, and she is now single. Continue reading and verifying her information. Popular search terms about her are Julia Rose Nude.

What Is Rose Famous For?

Model and reality TV star Julia Rose, who was born in Zambia, describes herself as an “Instagram Influencer.” Rose has had multiple guest appearances on popular American television episodes such as Code Monkeys, Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as CSI: New York. She also created the first issue of Shagmag. Game 5 of such 2019 World Series was highlighted by her flashing in the seventh inning, which garnered her widespread attention. There were rumors that the event was organized to spotlight the fight against breast cancer.

After being selected as a finalist in the magazine’s open casting call for the “next great star” in 2018, Julia Rose made it into the magazine’s swimsuit edition the same year. After making an appearance on MTV’s “Are You the One? ” she gained widespread fame. She had three separate appearances on the program, the first two with contestants who were no match for her (John Humphrey and Giovanni Rivera), and the third with Cam Bruckma. It’s also recommended that you look at Jasmine Dustin, Natane Boudreau, Mircea Monroe, Jena Sims, and Marita Stavrou. Popular search terms about her are Julia Rose Nude.

Why Was Julia Rose Nude Banned?

Rose is not ashamed to be seen naked in public and has done so in the past. Even though there were alternative ways to purchase bottled water, she removed her top and posed in front of a jet when the drinks cart passed. This time, it was Rose’s effort to alter the Hollywood sign so that it read “Hollyboob” that made the news. Together with another gang who were also detained after their series of pranks targeting different spots around Southern California town square (particularly Dodger Stadium), a total of five persons were hauled into jail in this February 2021 incident. Only one individual managed to avoid capture, and that was because he departed before the cops showed there. Popular search terms about her are Julia Rose Nude.

Julia Rose Net Worth

In the year 2020, Julia Rose has an estimated wealth of $1,000,000 USD. Her profession as a fashion model is how she makes the bulk of her living. She also receives compensation from the companies whose products she promotes. She earns a respectable living doing picture sessions and is paid to post on Instagram. From Patreon alone, she has made over $150,000. Star Trek: Enterprise, Code Monkeys, as well as CSI: NY is just a few of the many American network shows that have guests from her hotel. She also makes money from her online magazine, which she calls SHAGAMG.

She Is Single or Dating Right Now

As of the year 2021, Rose’s romantic status is still unknown. Therefore, Rose’s dating status is unknown. On the other hand, Julia was no stranger to being in a relationship. From what we can tell, Julia dated a guy named Stephen McHugh. They were acquainted while working on a TV production together. Think you could be the one? It led to a brief courtship and eventual breakup when McHugh was caught cheating on Julia with another woman called Hannah.

Later, she changed her mind and started dating professional boxer Jake Paul, whom she met on YouTube. Jake and Jessica met on Paul’s “These Days” music video, and on March 20th, 2020, Jake made a vlog in which he officially introduced Jessica as his girlfriend. It was on January 30, 2020, in Miami, when Rose and Paul were seen together during Paul’s boxing fight against British Youtuber AnEsonGib. Paul won the opening game of the match by defeating AnEsonGib. The reason why Julia ended things with Jake after barely two weeks of dating is unknown. Popular search terms about her are Julia Rose Nude.

Julia Rose Boyfriend

For the MTV dating show “Are You the One? In the end, Julia gave Stephen McHugh an update. However, this pair split up when Stephen was suspected of cheating on Hannah, a season 5 cast member. Julia ended things after hearing that Stephen had been cheating on her with Hannah while he was in Las Vegas. In one case, though, the couple reconciled after the event only to later part ways again. The connection, though, has been tumultuous and inconsistent. A Facebook post by McHugh claims the couple got engaged in March of this year. Popular search terms about her are Julia Rose Nude.

The Names Julia Rose and Lauren Summer Have Been All Over the News


Baseball’s governing body has banned two models from future World Series games after they were caught flashing while cameras were filming. At the beginning of the fifth game of the series between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals, Julia Rose, as well as Lauren Summer, were watching the game from behind home plate when they lifted their tops. In the seventh inning of the Astros’ win, Fox cameras caught Houston pitcher Gerrit Cole set to face Ryan Zimmerman, the first baseman for the Nationals. Two models were permanently banned from MLB. Among them is Lauren Summer. The two women were immediately informed of their suspension by MLB. Popular search terms about her are Julia Rose Nude.

Interesting Fact About Julia Rose

  • She has established herself as a star in the fashion and acting industries, and she has also become a prominent figure in the realm of social media.
  • Instagram has been instrumental in Julia’s rise to prominence.
  • She graduated with her degree in hand from Texas University.
  • Top designers have cast Julia in their runway shows.
  • Julia started out in print shoots before she became a model.
  • In Lusaka, she modeled for a number of publications.
  • In fact, she has worked with some very big names.
  • When it comes to her personality, Julia doesn’t hold back.
  • She was given a role on “Star Trek: Enterprise.”
  • There was a digital magazine called “Shagmag” that she created.
  • In the show “Are You the One? ” Julia played a role.
  • She’s worked with a wide range of prestigious fashion houses.
  • She considers herself a fitness nut and often posts about her workouts on social media.
  • Julia’s Instagram following exceeds 400 thousand.


From her earliest years till now, Julia Rose has never been afraid to seize opportunities that would allow her to make an indelible mark on the world. We’re glad you got some insight into the mind of such a remarkable person.


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