Music lovers enjoy sharing their favorite songs with the world, and Spotify Wrapped, the app’s annual retrospective of the year in music, is one of the most eagerly awaited musical events of the year. Sharing your top songs on what appears to be a printed receipt is the newest craze taking over the internet. You now have all the information you need to use and understand Receiptify.

Describe Receiptify

On the website Receiptify, you can view your top-played songs from three different periods, including all time, the previous six months, and the preceding month. This website provides you with insight into your music streaming habits. The website was created by Michelle Liu (@fullcontrol), who tweeted on September 20 that she felt the itch to create something and had spent the day coding it. You can try it out at; it generates a “receipt” based on your most-played Spotify tunes.

The tweet has received over 36,000 likes and 31,000 retweets since that time.

You will be prompted to sign in using your Spotify account on the website. Then, proceed to log in by tapping the prompt button. After that, you may select whether to view your top tracks from the previous month, the previous six months, or all. The website will then produce a receipt listing the songs you played the most throughout that period.

On what platforms can I share it?

Several users of the service Receiptify have posted their receipts on social media. You can do this by clicking the “get image” button at the bottom of the receipt on the Receiptify website. When you click that button, it will instantly download regardless of your device. The same as you would with any other image, you can post it on social media from there.

Online response

Online users have started sharing their Receiptify receipts, and some have discovered more about their listening preferences. “This Receiptify crap has made me recognize that I need pay attention to what I listen to now or else my Spotify wrapping is going to look baaaaad,” one user tweeted. The number one music on their playlist was called “Relaxing white noise,” while another person added, “I listen to white noise to help me sleep on Spotify, and it truly does be the most played… humiliating.”

I’m not shocked that the song at the top of my Spotify playlist is “The Sound of Rain on a Car Roof.” Nothing better to study/sleep to, someone else tweeted.

Use the Receiptify app as follows:

  • Visit the webpage for Receiptity.
  • Choose either Apple or Spotify.
  • Log in using your account.
  • Choose a time frame (past month, six months, all time)
  • Save a copy of the receipt
  • You can effortlessly sign in and out to view various accounts.

Receiptify: How Accurate Is It?

The app’s accuracy

What use would an app be if it wasn’t accurate?

So, the outcomes of my most recent Receiptify queries are list below. I’ll determine FOR YOU whether the program is worthless or genuinely excellent. Data from Receiptify is directly retrieve from Spotify’s servers and display for you. Error is not an option.

Reception from Last Month

  • The primary function of the app is Receiptify Last Month. This program gathers your most-listened-to songs and arranges them into a receipt-like format.
  • Receiptify Last Month has become quite popular and is widely shared online!
  • I advised everyone to at least once attempt Receiptify Last Month. If you do this, you won’t have to wait as long for Spotify Wrapped.

Six Months of Receipts

  • Receiptify Six Months is now available.
  • From the screenshot, you can see that…
  • Receiptify gives you access to data going back six months.
  • On this end as well, the statistics appear to be pretty precise!
  • The song’s duration and ranking are both visible.

Are you a talented musician?

Send me your music, and I’ll add it to my Spotify playlist if I like it.

Is Receiptify Compatible With Apple Music?

Apple Music Receiptify

Will Reciptidfy function for Apple as well?

Receiptify does indeed function for Apple as well. When clicking “Apple Music,” if nothing happens, you must first enable pop-ups in Safari (iOS.) It’s a straightforward process.

How to make Apple pop-ups available

Visit Receiptify’s website.

  • Tap Safari -> Preferences -> Websites in the menu bar.
  • Select “Pop-up Windows” from the menu.
  • Click “Allow”
  • You’re all set to go once you’ve completed these steps.
  • Receiptify Apple Music’s nice feature is that… There isn’t a great substitute.
  • No other app can do what Receiptify for Apple Music does!
  • Consider it… Replay is the closest thing like Apple Music Wrapped that is available.
  • Receiptify Apple is the way to go.

Doesn’t Receiptify Work?

Computers don’t always behave the way we expect them to.

There are a few reasons Receiptify may not be functioning correctly for you:

Your browser doesn’t allow pop-up windows.

The Spotify app isn’t functioning for you

  • incorrect server connections
  • You can usually just reset your wife’s computer or device.
  • So you can reset your phone if Receiptify does not function with Apple Music.
  • And you may then log in and listen to your favorite music.
  • Because of its excellent security, you need to see the Receiptify Apple prompt to get Apple Music running again.

Is receptive to YouTube videos?

  • Receiptify YouTube Music does not exist.
  • You may discover the videos you’ve watched on YouTube in your history rather than on Receiptify.
  • But this has some restrictions.
  • The drawbacks of not having YouTube Music Receiptify include the following:
  • Not display if a video was played again
  • plays videos that aren’t about music.
  • Occasionally not even turned on.
  • Check this out; Receiptify YouTube Music isn’t even close to being as good for some of you.

Is using Receiptify secure?

Receiptify is secure. Your personal information is protected because It uses the official Spotify API to connect to your Spotify account. Spotify is the only source of information about your listening preferences. Receptify is secure since it doesn’t have access to any other data on your smartphone (such as pictures, messages, apps, etc.). On the opt-in page, you can view the rights that users are sharing. Only tracks and open data are provided. Be assured that the answer to the question “is Receiptify safe?” is a resounding and emphatic YES.

Receiptify: Is It Legal?

So is Receiptify a trustworthy website?

Receitpify is legitimate, yes. All the songs you hear while using Receptify are pulled directly from Spotify, ensuring complete accuracy. The eras are so far in the past that I’m still in awe.

The Top 5 Receiptify Replacements

The most excellent Receiptify substitute for tracking top tunes is Spotify Wrapped. It’s regrettably only accessible once a year.

  • Use the app to have access to popular tunes at all times.
  • The top five Receiptify substitutes are shown below.
  • Spotify Statistics
  • Chosen
  • Top Spotify for me
  • Obscurity
  • Spotify has ended.
  • You can only sign in using your Spotify account on many apps.
  • You cannot see any of your Apple Music tracks.
  • I prefer to see my tunes there because the receipts are more precise.

Who Invented the Receipt?

  • The history of your favorite Spotify app might astound you.
  • Michelle Liu developed the Receiptify app as a popular university project.
  • Her contact information can be found on the Receiptify website.

Does Receiptify exist for albums?

You can only receive the tracks of your most-played songs, not entire albums. If you put an album’s tracks on repeat, the less-heard tracks might be skipped in favor of the individual tracks.

Would you like your Receiptify album to appear?

Feel free to play albums repeatedly!

Heroku: The Development of Receiptify

  • You’ll notice the URL is intriguing as soon as you check-in.
  • It is housed on the Heroku cloud computing system.
  • This makes it possible for startups to run their code and publish their programs online.
  • Click here if you’re interested in the hosting code.
  • We’re launching a revolution and prioritizing musicians like you.

A platform for distributing music for free forever is called Boost Collective. Upload an infinite number of releases to more than 150 platforms and shops, and retain all of your profits. Additionally, you’ll receive free cover art production, playlist promotion, and much more! Using the popular Receiptify app, here’s how to get a Spotify receipt. Have you ever wondered what a crumpled store receipt might look like if it were a Spotify playlist? You can quickly make that with Receiptify.

A Spotify receipt demonstrating listening behaviour

Observing how your musical preferences evolve while using Spotify is fun, and thanks to one website, you can view your listening patterns as a digital receipt. Spotify Wrapped is one of its best features. Spotify Wrapped compiles all of your listening data from the previous year at the end of each year. And analyses it and provides you with your most significant and intriguing stats, such as how much time you spend listening to music, your favorite songs, and new releases.

Third-party websites are helpful in this situation. There are many entertaining methods to visualize your listening if you’re okay with sharing your Spotify activity with other websites. Simple breakdowns of your top tracks, artists, and genres are display via Stats For Spotify. While Testify turns your listening history into a festival lineup, Obscurity allows you to determine how obscure or random your musical tastes are. You might as well take advantage of the fact that Spotify is already tracking and recording your activities.

Receiptify is another website of this type. And Receiptify, as the name suggests, analyses your Spotify activity and converts it into a receipt. So  Receiptify essentially shows you what your Spotify listening would look like if it were print out on a Walgreens or Target receipt. With the words “had the desire to do something today so I spent the day coding this! it creates a “receipt” based on your most-played music on Spotify:)),” Michelle Liu introduced Receiptify on Twitter in September 2020.

How to Create Your Own Spotify Receipt Using Receiptify

Making your own Spotify receipt using Receiptify is relatively easy. Start by visiting the Receiptify website through the web browser on your phone, tablet, or desktop. To link Receiptify to your Spotify account, log in to Spotify and select the green “Log in with Spotify” icon at the top of the screen. When you’re finish, Receiptify will ask if you want to view a Spotify receipt base on your most recent month, six-month period, or a lifetime of listening. Receiptify displays your Spotify receipt immediately after choosing one of the three alternatives.

Your name, the day’s date, and a fictitious order number appear at the top of the Spotify receipt. Your top 10 songs and their titles and lengths are list below. The “item count” of your songs, the “total” duration of all the songs, an incorrect card number, and the words “Thank you for visiting!” on the receipt serve as a summary of everything. At the bottom is a message. It looks like someone print out an actual receipt for your Spotify account, especially when combine with the crease receipt paper on which all the content is present.

Sharing your Spotify receipt on social media is simple once it has been made. And to add the receipt to your device’s photo library, click the blue “Download Image” button below. After that, upload the photo to your preferred social networking platform and share it like any other picture.  So you’ve just generated and distributed your very own Spotify receipt.

What Other Exciting Alternative Spotify-Related Apps Exist?

If you enjoy using Spotify, chances are you’ve used one or more of the several third-party apps that integrate with the well-known music streaming service. But  in addition to Receiptify, here are a few more intriguing Spotify-related apps to check out.

1. Obscurity

You can get an idea of how distinctive your musical preferences are via the Obscurity app. And the outcomes are consistently thrilling, and it is free to use. You can identify what makes your listening habits distinctive, from your preferred musical genres to how distinctive your taste in music is.

2. Musicscape

Your Spotify listening habits become a stunningly rendered landscape thanks to MusicScape. And it’s a fantastic approach to getting a fresh perspective on your music. Also, you might discover your favorite wallpaper.

3. Symbolic Connection

Ever wonder which songs, according to your zodiac sign, go best with you? You can find out the solution at Zodiac Affinity. It’s an excellent method to spice up your musical experience.

4. Kaleidosync

Your music listening experience is transform into a visual one through Kaleidosync. It is the ideal method to inject energy into your song with its vibrant visuals.

The creator of Receiptify?

The program was create in September for a school project by Michelle Liu, a first-year information systems student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And  her inspiration came from the @albumreceipts Instagram page, which transforms album track lists into receipt-like images.

In an interview with The Tartan in February 2021, she state, “I start at approximately 8 am the morning before it was due and finish it at around 10 pm, with a few foods and TikTok breaks in between. And the ability to be creative and use code to make my ideas come to life is perhaps my favorite aspect of the process.

How did Liu respond to the plug-immediate in’s popularity?

Within 24 hours of its inception, Receiptify was used by more than a million users. Even though Liu had just sent it to her “20 or so Twitter followers,” she awoke the following day to “thousands of retweets.” She said: “I’ve met many wonderful people via this experience, and it was extremely cool to witness.” Since then, she has programmed the plug-in to support Apple Music.

The operation of Receiptify.

Receiptify requires users’ Spotify login information and is host by the Heroku app. Then it links with your Spotify account and creates a graphic that resembles a receipt for a store, with the tracks listed in order of how many times they were listen to during the predetermine time frame.

However, each recording is accompanied by duration in minutes and seconds rather than a monetary value. The plug-in recently made a comeback on Twitter, where people upload their most recent receipts and ask others to assess and compare them.

How can I post a copy of my receipt on social media?

  • There will be a “download image” button underneath your receipt after it has been made.
  • By tapping here, you can save your photo to your phone or take a screenshot of the current receipt.
  • In the same way, you would share a regular picture. You can publish your receipt on social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Michelle Liu, a student, developed the app and released Receiptify as a part of a school assignment.


According to Liu’s statement on the Receiptify website, the Instagram account Album Receipts, which converts album track listings into the standard receipt format, served as the app’s inspiration.

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What is Receiptify exactly?

Enter your login information, then choose the store you want to use (e.g., iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.). If necessary, you can also manually add receipts. After adding them to our database, we will document the transactions carried out by these stores. Nothing further needs to be done. After the Spotify Receipts update, you’ll get an email with information about your purchases and, more crucially, how much you could get paid from the receipts! It’s now simpler than ever to get back some of your money on ebooks, apps, games, and music subscriptions.

Did you scan your receipts?

You can click on each receipt after you’ve scanned it to learn the musician or album it comes from once you’ve accurately categorized each of your receipts. After that, you can export your data to an Excel spreadsheet to later analyze the outcomes. Don’t be afraid to post your findings on social media or send them to anyone curious about what music they may add to their playlists shortly.

How can I obtain my Spotify invoice?

When Spotify Receiptify first launches. You’ll see the Spotify receipt in your navigation drawer when you open the following app or service. Select to produce receipts after clicking it. So you will Receiptify will be able to track all of the application’s activity, including the event and the services you use. Your account information might not be fill in right away, but just click Send Account Summary when it is. And it will ask you what kind of data you want the report you want to create with this data to contain. Daily summaries, weekly reports, monthly reports, and even yearly reports are all options. And once you’ve made your choice, press the button.

What does Instagram’s Receiptify mean?

Receiptify is free and available to all musicians, whether self-employed or signed to a label, which is its most attractive feature. If you stream or sell music on sites like Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, or iTunes.

Receiptify can be used without having to set up an internet store. When you sign up for an account, receiptify will immediately send out the first receipt. So each applet belongs to your brand, of course. They may be utilize with a variety of websites and display your information using the colours and logo of your business whenever a supporter of your business uses an applet to navigate. And they will be able to observe the shop they purchase from and your logo.

Receiptify can track your sales in real-time in addition to producing receipts, so you can accurately maintain tabs on them. And the number of albums sold. Additionally, you may learn how many sales were made. Did anyone purchase on your website? Was it a purchase made via iTunes? Maybe they made the purchase using an applet? It might also be possible to organize all the data into easily readable charts, making it simpler to keep everything in your head.

If you want to know more about how Receiptify works, go to Our Knowledge Base. And view this video if you’re looking for an explanation of how it functions.


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