The Japanese light novel series redo of healer uncensored was created by Rui Tsukiyo and Shiokonbu. It started serializing on December 29, 2016, on the Shosetsuka Ni Naro website. Kadokawa Shoten’s Sneaker Bunko imprint distributes it. Keyaru, chosen to be a hero of the lowest class, a redo of healer uncensored, is the subject of the narrative.

He use against him and torture for four years. He travels back four years, employing a demon stone to exact revenge on his tormentors. The series was also adapted into anime by the studio TNK, but its contentious nature. It is censored or banned in several nations.

Why Healing Cannot Be Redone

Keyaru/Keyarga, the main character, is OUTRAGEOUSLY unlikeable, unheroic, and unrelatable. He chooses to RAPE the people who tortured him rather than simply killing them, which is far worse and makes him eviler than the true villains. Even when he’s not acting in such a horrible way, his personality is very annoying. He always acts as though it’s acceptable and is way too powerful, never once having to answer for his actions.

Keyaru also murders many innocent people with little to no justification, again elevating him to the level of villainy above the real bad guys.

You could argue that he’s supposed to be an anti-hero, but even anti-heroes don’t need a justification to have morals and refrain from doing many disgusting things. Due to his lack of charm and relatability, Keyaru is effectively worse than the original Kratos from the first three God of War games.

Earlgrande Gloria

Flare Earlgrande Gloria brought on Keyaru’s sadistic nature. A worse imitation of Malty Malromarc from The Rising of a Shield Hero, who she took as a tortured, enslaved person.

Reading Shiokonbu can occasionally be challenging due to the inconsistent art style and viewing angles. They frequently attempt to “censor” the explicit imagery, but it frequently comes off poorly. For instance, male and female nipples are always completely white or undrawn, which is unattractive.

Blatantly exploitative The fact that Keyaru’s first victim is a woman doesn’t help. Redo of healer uncensored Undoubtedly, she could have drugged him and forced him to perform sexual servitude for her soldiers.

Threatens to rape

He not only threatens to rape her with hot metal before she cries out for the less gruesome (but still just as vile) alternative. He also makes her his amnesiac sex and then wipes out her memory. After the memory wipe, she changes for the better, but he still views it as a means of inflicting more suffering on her.

The main character’s actions make the plot’s entire premise much meaner and more revolting than a typical revenge story. Like Keyaru, Renard is a cruel, brutish knight who exhibits sadistic tendencies.

Female characters

Given how many mangas and other forms of media generally have strong female characters who aren’t sex-obsessed like these, this also makes the story feel incredibly dated. Furthermore, Keyaru frequently makes inappropriate physical contact with them WITHOUT their consent.


Constant sex scenes with buildup, given the dialogue and how they’re depicted, strongly remind one of a pornographic film. It can find extremely subpar LGBT character representation in Bullet and Blade. In addition to being both rapists (because in this series, why wouldn’t they be? ), they both blatantly lack understanding of how a homosexual relationship functions.

Blade’s statement that she cannot please Flare is just poor dialogue that essentially translates to, “I’m a woman too. I’ll never be in a relationship.” It is especially unacceptable because there have even been some (unfortunately few and far between) anime and manga that accurately portray them. Speaking of which, Bullet is a gay African-American man who is hugely offensive.

Bad worldbuilding.

It shares the JRPG aesthetic of The Rising of the Shield Hero, a different series of light novels. Still, this is absurd because Keyaru can gain strong abilities like resistance to poison and drugs by doing them repeatedly. If he does it frequently, wouldn’t he be more likely to pass away first? It is how an RPG operates.

Additionally, it contains items that are outright ripoffs of other RPG series, like the Scroll of Identify from Diablo. Considering that the series is NOT an isekai, everything about it feels entirely out of place. Taking semen from a hero will allow people to raise their level cap. Again, that’s a repulsive sentence in and of itself. It only serves as a justification for the early sex objectification of Keyaru and the frequent sexual encounters between him and the female characters.

Additionally, it makes no sense because only a small group of talented individuals could not possibly protect the entire world. If removed this part, the story would be much more enjoyable.

RPG series

Why the other heroes were such villains is beyond comprehension. They abruptly transform into super generic villains who say, “We’re rich and powerful, so let’s abuse everyone below us.”

It managed to get an anime adaptation, which frequently contains some censorship, which harms the reputation of the studio, TNK, and their lead artist, Junji Goto. The Rance RPG series from Alicesoft is imitated in this series.

Positive Qualities

  1. Although some angles can be confusing, the art style is generally quite good.
  2. Even though it does not justify or excuse his actions, at least Keyaru was not a stereotypical “reincarnated” protagonist and had motivations for his actions.
  3. Setsuna, Freya (Flare’s new identity), and Kureha are likable characters, even though they are all still needlessly sex-obsessed and utterly ignorant of Keyaru’s character and his heinous deeds.


Due to its writing, characters, and depiction of sexual violence, both the anime and light novel received negative reviews. Surprisingly, though, the series received very high viewership in Japan and China, where the first episode (illegally reuploaded to Bilibili) received over 1 million views.

After just the first episode, the anime series was swiftly banned in China due to widespread criticism of its theme.


Due to a troll campaign by 2ch members, redo of healer uncensored received the highest voting score on Kadokawa’s poll in 2019, so they decided to make an anime adaptation of the game. The series initially planned to receive a simulcast release with an international dub. The publisher German Animoon announced on January 14, 2021.

One day after the first episode, It aired that they had canceled the simulcast. Due to its contentious themes, streaming services and channels would not air the show. The Dick Slap scene has somehow become a meme on the internet.



The Healing Hero received the hero’s emblem from the coming-of-age ceremony. But after four years of sexual, psychological, and physical abuse at the hands of his allies, he was forced to realize how corrupt the Jioral Kingdom is. He had wanted to save the world from demons. Keyaru could stay alive during the battle with the demon lord Eve by realizing the source of his power and obtaining the Philosopher’s Stone. Then, he uses the object to go back and exact revenge on his tormentors.

Freia (, Fureia) and Flare Arlgrande Jioral

Keyaru’s suffering is primarily due to Flare, who treats him like a piece of luggage and gives him drugs to make him more obedient to her orders. Before Keyaru showed her otherwise and told her he didn’t trust her with the Philosopher’s Stone, she generally thought healing magicians were the lowest magic users. In an alternate reality, Keyaru tortures Flare, steals her abilities, destroys her memories, changes her personality, and transforms her into Freia, his companion and lover, all the while tricking everyone into believing that Flare has passed away.


An enslaved woman who is a demi-human that Keyaru purchases and enlists in his group. Since Setsuna is from the Ice Wolf clan and is typically sold into slavery, the Jioral Kingdom’s commitment to equality is undermined. She reveals her unspoken proper name to receive Keyarga’s empowering strength as he offers her the chance to exact revenge on her tribe. Later, Setsuna develops a sexual attachment to Keyarga, and she frequently vies with Freia for his attention.

Reese, Eve

A demonic being that is vying to succeed the Demon Lord. She begged Keyaru to spare her and gave him the Philosopher’s Stone in the alternate timeline where she did become the Demon Lord and engaged in a bloody battle with him, making Keyaru realize what she was attempting to defend. Her goal is to assassinate the current Demon Lord for attempting to wipe out her brethren. Her hair turns silver when she completes the Caladrius trials, from black.

Claret Kureha

a Journal Kingdom female knight known as the Blade Goddess. Keyaru has Kureha’s gratitude for mending her amputated arm since they first met. She initially opposes Keyaru’s party but joins forces with them after learning about the atrocities committed by her kingdom.

To make Kureha listen to her, Freia poses as her former self. Kureha has sex with Keyaru as restitution for her errors and cooperates with him as an obedient ally. The other girls are envious of her because she flirts with Keyaru nonstop.


The Cannoneer. He targets Keyaru for redo of healer uncensored and murder because he has an obsessive sexual attraction to young boys. The critical area won’t let a single man into his party because of the trauma.


The Journal Kingdom-affiliated Sword Hero. She is drive to murder ideal girls by her intense homosexual obsession. In the previous timeline, Keyaru would endure physical abuse from Blade every night because she had “touched” Flare, much to her ire.


a resident of Keyaru’s home village. Since the passing of Keyaru’s parents, Anna has been feeding and housing him. She exhorts Keyaru to act on his conviction that he can improve the world. Keyaru recognizes Anna as his first love even though she raises him as her child. Anna is depicted as an average young woman of medium height with light brown hair cut to the waist.


The hostile Jioral Kingdom knights captain shows no remorse and scolds the imprisoned Keyaru for “doing nothing.”

Gordoman, Redra

A businessperson in Lanaritta.


A Branicca-based retailer with whom Keyaru develops a close relationship.

Organ Trist

A Journal Kingdom knight and one of his country’s Three Champions. His nickname, “Hawkeye,” came from his alleged talent for detection.

Journal Prom

The main antagonist, ruler of the Journal Kingdom, and “biological” father of Flare and Norn. Without realizing it, he sends Leonard and later Bullet to track down Keyarga for the murder of his daughters. But Proum’s appearance makes it clear that he is not a human.


Kadokawa revealed in November 2019 that they would produce a television anime adaptation. Twelve series episodes¬† broadcast from January 13 to March 31, 2021. The opening theme is “Cruel Dreams and Sleep,” performed by Minami Kuribayashi.

The closing theme is “If You Can Change the World in a Dream” (Yume de Sekai o Kaeru Nara), performed by ARCANA. The series animated by TNK and directed by Takuya Ashok.

The anime is available in three different versions:

A censored broadcast version, a “redo of healer uncensored” version that is only available on streaming services, and an uncensored “Complete Recovery” version. The broadcast version was available on every station showing the anime. The broadcast version will also air at 11:30 pm.

JST, AT-X broadcast the “Complete Recovery” version at 4:00 am. Sentai Filmworks has licensed anime outside of Asia and German-speaking regions. Children’s Playground Entertainment has licensed the series in Southeast Asia and is streaming it. The official Twitter account issued a content warning for the anime.

Novellas and manga

Over 800,000 copies of the light novel series was published. As both the light novel and the manga gained popularity, so did digital sales. A number of the manga volumes were also among the top ten on Amazon Japan’s manga charts.


The anime adaptation sparked debate because of its depiction of extreme violence, gratuitous amounts of sexual content and rape, and other content. The treatment of female characters, cannibalism, slavery, and torture mostly use as plot devices to redo of healer uncensored, especially in the first two episodes. In Anime News Network’s Winter 2021 Preview Guide, the majority of reviewers criticized the series for its recurring “rape and revenge,” an element of the light novel.



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