The Rice Purity Test is a questionnaire of 100 questions from Rice University. It self-grades the degree of innocence to worldly things (acts of vices such as sex, drugs, and scams), and the percentage of 0% as least pure and 100% as most pure evaluated. In the past, new students voluntarily tested to strengthen ties with similar students. But now, the purity test of rice is for everyday enjoyment.

The Rice Purity Test includes 100 questions and assesses a person’s purity in the realm of worldly vice. There are 100 questions, 100 is the highest purity, and 0 is the lowest purity. Questions include those about relationships, behaviour, and activities that are not considered virtuous. All you have to do is choose “Yes” or “No” to answer each question.

What is the Rice Purity Test?

Rice Purity Test
Rice Purity Test

It is a test in which the purity of a person is judged simply by answering “Yes, I have done it” or “No, I have not done it” to various questions such as drugs, sexual activity, and violation of laws.

The Rice Purity Test creates as entertainment, and students enjoy using it to judge their purity. Test results help people discover their personality and motivate them to achieve or improve in life. The information provided by Rice Test Purity is private and confidential, so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

The main goal of the Rice Purity Test is to enable university students to take a new step in their lives and form strong bonds with peers. Similarly, it is to help students not to walk illegal roads.

History of purity testing of rice

Rice Purity Test is a 100-question survey originating from Rice University, a private university established in Houston, Texas, in 1912. This test was designed to test the maturity of their first-year students and build relationships with senior students based on their experience.

  • A self-graded questionnaire evaluates what seems to be the degree of innocence of participants in secular matters. The rice purity test is designed to help new students acquire social skills in a new and unknown environment.
  • In the past, new students voluntarily tested them to deepen their bonds with similar students. In addition, the primary purpose of the purity exam was to enable new students to have a great college life by maintaining a good, friendly emotional bond with their peers, especially those with attractive personalities.
  • It also helped suppress bad omens that would worsen students’ personalities. It helped to suppress or put an end to all the distractions that a person has.
  • Therefore, it develops to provide new students with good physical training and to lead a comfortable life.
  • The original version of the rice purity test was created in 1924 and was initially given only to women. Since then, there have also been versions with more modern questions. It is the history of purity testing of rice.

At present, Rice Purity Test is usually for amusing friends. Take this test, and you can compare your answers to see who’s more relaxed and more fantastic. So it’s no surprise that this test went viral on the Internet during this global outbreak.

How do I take the Rice Purity Test?

Participants in the Purity test are supposed to answer a series of questions (100 questions) related to various aspects of their life. Here are some examples: Have you ever kissed your lower body? Have you ever had a honeymoon when someone else is in the room? Have you ever had a massage or a hot massage? And so on.

Participants will check the actions they have participated in before and not the actions they have not participated in before. Answer calculates in the system, and you get the results. Participants are divided into different groups by their innocence.

Furthermore, they analyze the person’s personality and are nicknamed “wild child” or “angel.” Although the new Rice Purity tests follow a similar format, the issues presented are updated to meet the moral guidelines of the current society. They are now being applied to the standards of the 21st century.

Don’t forget that the Rice Purity Test designs for educational purposes. It intends to provide participants with critical insights that they can actively use to improve their lives.

How does the Rice Purity Test Calculator work?

Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test tool can calculate your purity level based on the questions asked in the Rice Purity Test (unblock). It is a private self-management test. People can go through this test online by punching the online links on the website. First, the calculator will ask you your name, gender, and age before providing your score. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the test and receive the final result. With this score, your innocence will be evaluated in the percentile. At this point, you will be impressed by the efficiency of this test. That is, you can compare your score with another person’s score and authenticate how pure that person is and how pure you are. Therefore, it is one of the cunning tools to find the reality of innocent idols in this society.

Why do you need to take the Rice Purity Test?

The purity test quiz of rice makes you realize how mature and innocent you are. I recommend that all students take this survey and know their personalities appropriately.

The young heart is full of energy that they want to achieve when they deviate from the right path and do all the luxuries well in life for a short period. They are not familiar that they are spending time on criminal actions and that they are doing what they are doing or taking life in the wrong direction.

It even tells you that you know better ways about your intimate life. Suppose you are not interested in discussing your nature with a friend or at least are interested in meeting an expert who knows about your personality. In that case, this survey conducted by Rice University is the most suitable choice to realize about yourself.

Can you apply again for the test?

You can apply the purity test again, according to your choice, after a month, two, or three weeks. Continue to check the time of every score to find out how much you are improving. It helps you settle for society, and many other improvements, mixed with peers, can be brought through a quiz on the purity test of rice.

Scoring of Rice Purity Tests

Here’s how the test assigns purity scores to people. The top average is pure and 100 points. The lowest average point is around 45.

Around 45 points

People with this range of scores need help and help. They may suffer from illness or mental and emotional disturbances.

A score between 45 and 76

He is shy and introverted. There is no sociality. They don’t want to be mainstream.

A score of 77-93

Middle- and upper-class families. He has an artistic temperament and participates in best practices.

94-97 points

With this purity score, students are growing continuously. The student has a disciplined personality.

98-100 points

A score of desirable purity, and very few students fall into this category. A student with a silver spoon in his mouth. They may also commit crimes. You can review the above score and take the test for your personality diagnosis.

How to Improve Test Scores?

Below are some daily steps to improve your rice purity test.

Stay away from the crime.

There are many kinds of crimes. You are breaking the law and getting involved in the murder. Drowning in drugs or cheating is considered a crime. Also, young people are involved in many crimes and have bad character. The less you commit crimes, the more cheerful you become.

However, it does not mean you should not know about the crime. Knowledge of crime is necessary, but it is also important not to get involved. The basic idea of making this question a user is to see how submissive the user is. In addition, it is tested how genuine the person is to all the rules and rules. In addition, the following questions include

Have you been suspended from school?

Whether they have used cocaine, PCP, or other drugs

Respect for society

As a youngster, most youngsters are prepared to respect their parents, elders, and teachers, to follow traffic laws, cultural traditions, school rules, and family rules, and to follow the feelings and emotions of others. They may also talk about their rights and different opinions of people.

Everyone must understand that respect plays a vital role in everyday life. To mature and grow up, it is necessary to understand the importance of respect for people and society.

As a result, health impacts the personality and therefore plays a significant role in scoring the purity test of rice. On the spiritual side, people who are not mentally strong or suffer from anxiety or depression are not good. As a result, health is an essential criterion for obtaining good rice purity test scores.

Improvement of personality

When it comes to behaviour, character plays the most crucial role. He or she cannot play a good life, especially if someone is doing a criminal act.

With the help of the proper training and a perfect environment, it makes it easy for children and adults to learn the right communication skills and fully understand each person. Finally, these are all essential details about the Rice Purity Test. You can quickly try this test and answer questions related to drugs, sex, alcohol, and other aspects of life. So go through the test and get to know your maturity.


It is how we live. Culture refers to tradition, morality, ethics, and values. On the other hand, culture plays a more critical role in shaping your personality. It helps to influence how you learn and promotes good thoughts and some men’s ethical values.

Closing words

The rice purity test starts for fun, and students love to confirm their personalities. The score on the rice test helps them realize their personality and improve them. Don’t worry. We will not reveal your information; you will be anonymous. This purity test sounds like one of the best studies created by Rice University to know their personality better instead of asking the experts about themselves.

All 100 questions are structured so you can get deep awareness about yourself, which you have never seen before.

If you answer “yes” and “I’ve seen pornographic films” as a result of this test, your long-term partner will decrease by three, and your short-term partner will increase by one. If you say yes about your drug use, you will likely have two fewer long-term partners and two more short-term partners. There are many variations of the Rice Purity Test, so it is essential to understand the questions before taking the test. Because this test is not standardized, the questions and results may vary depending on the person conducting the test.


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