There are many turns in Smitesource, both good and bad. The game is a conflict between gods and humans in the Valoran universe.


Here at the Grinder community, we adore video games, and Smitesource just so happens to be one of our all-time favourites. If you’re interested in learning more about the game’s mechanics or what it’s like to play online, you can read some of the articles we’ve already written about it.

However, this article focuses on Smitesource’s history, not any of that. Which includes some rather intriguing turns and twists that many people aren’t aware of unless they know to look for them.

If you’re a fan of video games, be sure to keep reading for more fascinating insights about book of dead slot.

Background of Smitesource

The video game Smitesource has a distinctive plot. It has been in development for over six years and was created by two brothers. The game was first made available on Steam in May 2016, and since then, it has been made available on additional platforms.

It is a MOBA game set in the made-up country of Valoran. Players can select from various game champions, which feature characters from the Warcraft universe. The game’s object is to destroy the opposing team’s base, and the winner is determined by either destroying every enemy tower or taking control of the opposing team’s base. It’s a difficult game where winning depends on strategy.

This game is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), a genre that pits groups of players against one another in a struggle to seize objectives or take out the bases of the opposition. It has an unusual map layout that necessitates teamwork to destroy the enemy’s base. Compared to traditional MOBA games, this results in a more strategic game.

Two brothers are pitted against one another in this video game’s plot as they compete to rule the world. Veteran actors in Hollywood, Michael Clarke Duncan and Randy Quaid, provide the voices for the brothers. Both brothers are playable options for the players, and they can engage in the characters in various ways that impact how the game turns out.

How Smitesource Functions

Anyone can participate in this online game. The game is a conflict between gods and humans in the Valoran universe. Numerous features of the game include numerous modes, maps, and characters. Some competitions take place each month.

Benefits of Playing Smitesource

  1. This game has a distinctive plot that anyone can enjoy.
  2. Many different champions and skins are available, each with specialities and playstyles.
  3. The game is constantly changing with the regular addition of new champions, skins, maps, and game modes.
  4. A vibrant community of players constantly looking for fresh approaches to hone their abilities.
  5. Anyone looking for an entertaining and challenging online experience should consider this game since it is free to download and play.

Cons of Smitesource Game Play

  1. There is a tonne of options available when it comes to online games. However, this game falls short when compared to others with original stories. The dialogue is cheesy, the quests are boring, and the characters are, at best one-dimensional.
  2. Although the game offers a distinctive multiplayer experience, it is insufficient to compensate for its unimpressive single-player campaign. Players will spend more time than necessary playing the game to find teammates.
  3. This forgettable game is not worth your time or money in the end.

Get Started in a Game

You’ll have a vague idea of what to expect from this game if you’re familiar with League of Legends and its Annie, Varus, or Teemo skins. The three-dimensional characters in the game can be customised with tattoos and attire, and players can also buy a variety of mounts to help them move around the map more quickly.

You must first download the client and register for an account before you can begin playing the game. After that, you can either play in one of the numerous public games already in existence or start your own game with friends. Simple logic underlies Smitesource’s fundamental idea. Players unite against one another to destroy the base of the opposing team. Each game can be played in a variety of ways, so there is always something that everyone can enjoy.

What Sets It Apart?

Smitesource is unlike any other game in its genre. In this MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), gods and their devotees battle one another to rule the world. The game’s distinct narrative, gorgeous graphics, and engaging gameplay keep players interested for hours.


  • A game with a distinctive plot is called The History of Smitesource.
  • It is one of the most well-known and enduring online games and has a genuine fan base.
  • You can select from various characters to play in this Middle-earth-themed game.
  • It is still one of the most played games online today.

Smitesource: How Do I Play?

  • We have put together a brief guide on how to play if you have never played a game like it before.
  • Choose one of the five pantheon gods (Athena, Apollo, Ares, Hera, or Zeus) as your first choice.
  • The next step is to equip one of your three skills.
  • Last but not least, enter a match and compete with other players to become the best.

Smitesource Game Locations

Source is a game recommended if you’re looking for one with a distinctive plot. This online game is free to play and has a large world with various gods and champions to battle with or against.

In addition, there are numerous raids, challenges, and daily quests to complete. Additionally, fresh ideas There are ongoing updates and expansions, so there is always something new to discover. You’ll need to use the following keys to play this game:

  • The key to W
  • Squeeze the key.
  • Keys A, D

The gold acquisition is thus a crucial aspect of this game. The more tools you can purchase to help you defeat your enemies, the more gold you have.

In this game, gold is the unit of exchange. You will emerge as the clear winner of this game after defeating Titan. The most hazardous opponent you’ll encounter in this game is Titan. He is the most powerful as well.

Those who created Smitesource

Titan Forge Games created the action real-time strategy game in question. This game is now supported on the following electronic gaming platforms:

  • Computer Xbox
  • Nintendo’s Switch console
  • Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4)

This game offers players a chance to have fun because it includes many characters. Each character is connected to a different story. We sincerely hope that you found this introduction to Smitesource useful. Let’s look at some different games that, in terms of their Pro Builds, are comparable to this one.


Heroes of the Storm, a well-known MOBA game, has been available since March 2015. It’s an online game where five-player teams compete against one another to control objectives on a map.

The goal could be anything, such as seizing enemy turrets or wiping out enemy bases. Because every game is unique, you can never predict what will happen next. Heroes of the Storm also has a distinctive story mode that allows you to take on the role of one of six different characters and experience the world from their perspective. You’ll engage in combat as you navigate three distinct zones, find buried artefacts, and thwart an evil force’s attempt to rule the world.

The gameplay is captivating, and the graphics are excellent. Check out Heroes of the Storm if you enjoy MOBA or action-adventure games.

Dota 2:

On video game consoles and computers, Dota is a well-liked game. It is a two-player game based on the Defense of the Ancients Warcraft III mod.

Dota has a distinctive plot that sets it apart from other video games. The characters that make up the players are engaged in combat to control the map’s centre. Overall, Defense of the Ancients, a Warcraft III mod, is the basis for Dota and Smitesource, two different video games. They stand out from other video games thanks to their distinctive gameplay and stories.

League of Legends:

In this MOBA game, two teams of five players face off against one another in a death match. League of Legends, like many popular games, has a large community that has produced a wide variety of mods and alternatives to keep things interesting. Listed below are a few alternatives for those seeking something unique.

In Heroes of Newerth, two teams of five players compete to destroy the other team’s base. This game is comparable to League of Legends in this regard. However, Heroes of Newerth offers a larger character roster and more strategic gameplay compared to League of Legends.

This game is significantly more complicated than League of Legends and demands greater player cooperation. In Dota 2, taking down an enemy base is difficult, but it can be very rewarding when done well.

Global Offensive Counter-Strike:

CSGO is a first-person shooter game that borrows features from Dota 2 and League of Legends. Players must carefully manage their resources while working together to defeat their opponents.

Developers for SmiteSource

The Titan Forge Games are the ones who created this real-time action game. The organisation behind the game’s release is called Hi-Rez Studios. The following devices can play the game:

  • PC
  • Xbox One.
  • Microsoft Switch
  • Nintendo Switch

Due to the variety of characters it contains, it is a fun game for players. Every character is distinctive and has a tale to share. We trust that you have learned a lot about Smitesource. Let’s take a look at some Pro Builds alternatives.

The Smitesource Feature

The fact that Smitesource allows is one of its best features. You can browse a variety of characters and choose one that best suits your play style. Additionally, you can look up the most recent details on game updates. Additionally, there is fresh content to keep you informed. There is also a forum page where users can interact with other players and ask for help. Browse the helpful articles in the forums if unsure what to do. Additionally, Smite God Builds is a one-stop shop for all things Smite. You can find everything on the website, from the most well-liked god designs to tutorials for getting started with the game.

Forums exist where players can converse with other players or enquire about the game’s rules. The layout is straightforward to use, and you can search by god name or role type (i.e. the jungle). This website is for all players, whether novices or seasoned pros! Those who enjoy MOBA should explore this website. MOBA style.

What individuals appear in SmiteSource?

Characters are frequently weaker than gods in terms of size and power. Their use varies, but they typically have fewer health points and give the god that a player is a boost or buff. If necessary, they can also serve as tanks for players of different types. Different gods are rarer or more difficult to obtain than others. Four different types of rarity exist. You can see each god’s strengths, weaknesses, and skills on-site build. Smite build gives new players information on what might make specific characters more appropriate.

The third one depends on your preferred playing style and position in the game (basket smite). Classifying the different gods into three categories can help you think about them and choose the ones that best serve your needs in the game. Guardians support teammates from the backline by providing defensive bonuses and a haven for spellcasters by deflecting fire from other targets.

Significant Damage

Heroes have access to powerful defence systems and are capable of doing significant damage. As a result, they are effective in team and solo combat against foes who attempt to smuggle their foes. Known from various mythologies, mythological beings from the Smite source have unique abilities that get stronger as they advance through the levels. They acquire more strength, power, intelligence, armour, and skills as they get stronger.

Additionally, they have access to new items, skills, and spells that they wouldn’t otherwise have without levelling up or searching online. Players assume the role of gods in Smite. They decide on a strategy for defeating the enemy’s gods. Short-term competition between players is an option, as are single-player games with AI opponents with progressively harder difficulty settings.

Main Menu

There are two main screens in the main Smite menu for building. Which of the three game modes—Arena, Conquest, or Joust—would you prefer to play? The main PvP game mode is the arena. Before you can begin, you fight each other one-on-one to deplete the other player’s health. Conquest has several capture points that teams must defend while securing; Joust is a two-player game that involves facing off on horses while attempting to knock the other player off their horse first. To help newcomers learn the fundamentals before engaging in combat with real opponents, Single Player offers a variety of training battles against AI gods.


Conquest is the default game mode for any MOBA like Smite or League of Legends. It is a three-lane map based on the Defense of the Ancients from Warcraft III.

Players are divided into two teams for Conquest, each with five players. Each player starts at their team’s “fountain” on the opposite side of a map. Players are given a certain amount of gold to use toward the purchase of starting gear before they enter the map. These items bestow unique benefits or powers that improve the player’s god. The map is divided into three parallel “lanes” from one side to the other. A “Phoenix,” joined by two additional defensive towers, guards each lane.


Each game’s objective is to eliminate the opposing team’s Phoenixes and the Titan, a huge warrior that must beat to prevail. The “minions,” tiny soldiers with weak attacks, follow the players. Every 30 seconds, these minions spawn at the Phoenixes and follow their lane until they encounter opposition, launching an immediate attack.

Players, other minions, towers, Phoenixes, and the Titan will all be targeted by archers in addition to them. These enemies are necessary for players to damage these goals fully. Enemy minions will take precedence over players in defensive positions, allowing players to attack a tower without taking damage.


Like Conquest, Joust has just one lane with a jungle on either side and only three players per team. Additionally, due to the smaller map and more intense combat, players begin at level 3. In the side lane, a jungle boss named Bull Demon King prevents the tower or phoenix of the opposing team from attacking enemy minions or players. A team benefit from this boss also grants health and mana regeneration. Each team has a tower, a phoenix, and a titan.


Like Conquest and Joust, Slash Slash has two lanes with five players on each team. Each team has its jungle, and the centre has three contested jungles (left, right and mid). Players begin at level three, and as the game progresses, the middle jungle gets stronger and eventually spawns the boss Apophis. Additional jungle bosses can be find all over the map; when defeat, they spawn siege juggernauts that can destroy towers and massacre players and minions. Each team has a titan, two phoenixes, and two towers.


In Assault, each player is given a different god at random. Different health orbs are disperse throughout the map, and each team consists of five players. Each team has two towers, a titan and a phoenix. There are no jungle camps; the only objectives are to advance the waves of minion enemies and eliminate every piece of enemy construction. The game ends when a Titan perishes. Additionally, once a player exits the fountain, they cannot return to base to make purchases or recover health until they pass away.


A modified version of the TrueSkill ranking system is use in the matchmaking process. The feature that lets users choose between US and EU servers was add around December 2013, but it was later take out of the game because of problems with the matchmaking system. Later, this feature was add again. Most modes used to run on queues with 3-minute matchmaking timers in the beginning.

Matches would be made from the queue of people at that moment every three minutes. This system was replace in late 2014 with a more traditional non-time one (a more common format in many MOBAs), which seeks an optimal match rather than just the best match-ups.

In this system, the game will gradually lower its requirements until a match is made if it takes five minutes or more to find a player. In 2018, a new matchmaking system similar to the first one was release, with various times for various modes. The player’s overall performance will be given precedence over their account level by the system.


In ranked leagues, players are match using a variation of the Elo rating system, which assigns each player a score based on their level of individual skill. The player will be pair with other players who share their ratings. The objective of this system is to have two different teams with TOTAL Elo values that are comparable.

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