The only time of year you have your nails done is when it’s warm outside, and summer is that time. With a beach-ready bikini, straw hat, and sun-kissed tan, lovely summer nails are the perfect finishing touch. Doing your nails allows you to experiment with different seasonal patterns! The fashion options for the next season are outstanding, too, especially for the summer months ahead. From season to season, there are a few critical alterations in the way people’s nails look, although they’re minor. White nails were not popular a few years ago, but last year, over 85% of women wore white nails throughout the warmer months of the year. This year’s summer nail trends are some of the bests ever!

Pastel-Swooped Tips

Summer nail art trends can be summed up in a few words: cheerful, seasonal colors, negative space, and quirky tips. The swooping forms in this manicure are given more extraordinary character and contrast by lining them with a slightly lighter shade of the same color as the tip.

Feeling Happy Summer Nails

It’s hard not to smile when you see this adorable summer nail art. It’s also one that doesn’t need a slew of various hues to experiment with. A toothpick or even a fine-tipped nail brush, a yellow polish, a nude polish, and a black polish are all you’ll need. After the neutral base coat has had sufficient time to dry, you can give your manicure an immediate makeover through the use of the toothpick to draw itty-bitty happy faces on each & every nail in a variety of orientations and positions.

Psychedelic Magic

Don’t know where you’ll be this summer? Take a journey with these rainbow Summer Nails. This eye-catching, super-bold pattern is a terrific way to make use of every color of nail polish in your collection. Also, if drawing straight, perfect lines isn’t your strong suit, this is a beautiful option for you.

Rainbow Tips

Multicolored French tips are more popular than asymmetrical ones. These Summer Nails are perfect for those times when you want to show off a little bit of fun but don’t want to go overboard with the bright colors. Because this design is best suited to longer nails, it’s also an excellent option for those with artificial nails.

Yin And Yang

Are you trying to find a fun summertime nail art design that also serves as a subtle reminder of the need for self-reflection? It’s time to introduce the yin and yang design. Iconic and straightforward to make, the symbolism of the yin and yang swirls is also complex: the yin is connected with shadows, femininity, and movement; the yang is associated with brightness, passion, and expansion. With an added dose of drama, you might change out the glossy black nail paint for a matte shade of the same color.


Picnics are a staple of the summer months. Summer nail art is the perfect way to pay respect to one of America’s most beloved summer pastimes. This cute nail art creates a summary picture by combining soft pastel colors with a traditional gingham-type design to build a pattern. This will make the experience of feasting on finger foods even more delightful.


This is a beautiful approach to reimagining neon nails in a fresh manner. If you don’t like the appearance of utilizing this vivid family of colors over your whole nails, consider applying it as an accent color that is combined with a neutral color. Dot the nail with the bright hue you’d want to use, and then apply a neutral base coat. Have you wanted to spice things up a tad? Try painting both sides of your Summer Nails with neon so that each nail has a distinct outline.

Flowers, But Make Them Glitter


Adding glitter to flower manicure art is sheer mani magic. (In fact, we have a whole blog page just for floral nail art styles.) The most excellent aspect of this nail art is that it’s easy enough for beginners to master (no steady hand needed). There is nothing more involved than tweezers and some sequins as well as rhinestones of your choosing to get this effect.

To begin, apply a coat of nail polish of your choice. Using tweezers, carefully position the first sequin in the middle of the flower while the nail paint is still wet. Next, surround the center with more “petals” to make a floral shape, and then stop adding new “petals.” If the nail paint dries before you are able to put all of the rhinestones on your nail, you may try applying a little amount of nail adhesive.

Pretty Accent Pearls


The simplicity and beauty of this manicure cannot be overstated. It’s subtle enough to be worn by everyone, but it would be ideal for a wedding mani. Setting each pearl slightly apart from the rest of the nails creates an easy, playful impression. Begin by painting your Summer Nails with a light pink manicure polish to get this look at home. Afterward, apply a little amount of nail adhesive where you wish to set the pearl. Apply the pearl with tweezers, then go back and do the other fingers.

The New French Mani


You learned it first from us: the time-honored French manicure is making a significant comeback. The French manicure was created in the 1970s by Jeff Pink, the inventor of Orly, and is known for its white tip and nude foundation. Since there have been many variations, this new asymmetrical twist on the famous form is a much-needed update. The fact that one side of its white tip extends down the side of such a nail adds not only a graphic twist but also creates the impression that the nail is longer than it really is.

Brush Strokes


If you don’t know how to make nail art, this is the manicure for you. Gold foil and a single polish hue are used to create an abstract, creative manicure. In the absence of gold foil, a similar effect may be achieved using two contrasting colors of nail paint. Be careful to allow the first coat of polish to dry thoroughly before applying the second since failing to do so may cause the colors to merge together and make your Summer Nails seem uneven.

Glitter Gradient


Only a manicure that incorporates two of the most popular nail art trends, ombré, and glitter, can really bring a smile to your face. Apply a bright color to your skin to set the stage for the rest of your outfit. All fingers or just two accent nails may be decorated with a glitter top coat (one on each hand). If you want an ombre look, add extra glitter to the nail’s tip so that the color changes from the base to the tip.

Getting Graphic


If you like neutral hues, geometric nail painting is an excellent method to tone down the intensity while maintaining the fun aspect. Suppose, you’re a fan of short nails, this color and pattern combination is an excellent choice. If you have a steady hand, you can draw these geometric lines by hand, but if you don’t, you can use thin nail striping tape instead. It makes it simple to draw precise lines around those tiny nail beds, much like putting painter’s tape on a wall.

Summer Love


Are you under the impression that heart-shaped nails are only worn on February 14th? You’re wrong! Nail art beginners will have no trouble mastering this basic design, and it will make you feel good about yourself every time you look in the mirror. If you don’t want to paint hearts on each and every one of your Summer Nails, just adding one or two hearts to each hand is all that’s required to give your regular at-home manicure a touch of summertime whimsy.

Striking Sparkle


Glitter nails are for those who want everything, whether they’re minimalists who like ombré or maximalists who prefer this look. This style provides a distinct separation in the middle of the nail bed rather than a gradient appearance, as you would generally get with your go-to glitter paint.

Applying a base coat and the primary nail color of your choice is the first step in recreating this pattern in your own house. After it has had a chance to completely dry, get out your nail tape & apply it in a horizontal fashion over all of your Summer Nails. Afterward, paint the top half of your nails with glitter polish and allow the varnish to dry before peeling off the tape.

Mixed Patterns


Indecisive on what to do with your nails? Could you make a point of trying each of them? Okay, maybe not quite like that, but when it refers to nail art, it is essential to keep in mind that there are no hard and fast guidelines to follow. Go for it if you have the need to switch things up on each individual nail, on every other nail, or even one nail on each hand.

Reverse Triangles


This particular rendition of the graphic mani places the triangles at the base of the nail, which helps to give the impression that the Summer Nails are far longer than they really are. Want to add a little glitz to your look? Glitter may be used to outline the triangles.

Flower Power


’70s-inspired flower nail art is a great way to get ready for a few music festivals that are just around the corner. Choose hues that are very saturated if you want to pull this style off flawlessly!

In The Stars


Do you have an unhealthy interest in horoscopes? In either case, this enchanting zodiac-inspired manicure is sure to catch your eye. You can get this effect with any color combination (as long as there is a sufficient degree of contrast between the two), but if you want to take it to the next level, consider harmonizing your base color with your accent color. It’s best to use a toothpick or a nail polish pen to draw out your constellations precisely.

Classic Accent Nail


You can’t go wrong with a classic. When you want the appearance and feel of nail art without putting in much work, the move to make is to use an optic accent nail. If you want to make a statement, go with a strong contrast like this white and red combination.

Half-Moons In Negative Space


The reverse French manicure, also known as a half-moon manicure, was popular a few years ago, and we’re still not over it. They’re shockingly chilly and perfect for gel nails since fresh nail growth blends in. Genius!

Sophisticated Silhouettes


Do you have a high level of self-confidence in your ability to do nail art? Fashion and beauty are embracing this expressive shape theme, and it’s the ideal inspiration for a manicure design. Some nails are large enough to cover the whole face, but if you have a smaller one, you may consider doing just an eye or even some lips.

Whimsical Swoops


This is the most straightforward design you’ve ever seen before. All you need for this nail art trend is a good base color, a nail art pen, and a dependable top coat. As soon as the base color has dry, you can get creative with your nail art by sketching curving swoops over each nail bed.

Analogous Mani


Acronymous colors are those that sit near each other on the color wheel in terms of intensity and hue (think: violet-red, violet, and red). It’s possible to get a colorful aesthetic that’s exciting and out of the ordinary while yet maintaining a sense of balance using this traditional design idea applied to nail art.

Leopard Love


If you think leopard is neutral in your clothing, why not apply the same philosophy to your Summer Nails as well? With its loose squiggly forms, this pattern is surprisingly good for anybody with a somewhat unsteady hand, despite its seeming complexity.

Stripes Containing Negative Space


This athletic, unusual, and, most all, brief appearance is perfect for the active woman on the go. Just put a thin piece of nail tape diagonally across the nail and paint one color on one side and a coordinating color on the other. We love this darker on one side and lighter on the other combination on each nail. Remove the tape when the polish dries, and voila! Negative space with clear lines on both sides.

Abstract Ideas for Summer Nails

This season, abstract nail art is all the rage. Many individuals were forced to improvise because of the ongoing worldwide epidemic and the inability of many to attend their manicure salons on a regular basis. That’s how this fad got started in the first place. Nail painting isn’t something everyone can do, even if they’re artistically inclined. However, this fad was sparked by the in-home nail salons that we’ve all had to set up for ourselves.

A wide range of unconventional forms and lines may be created with ease. What’s more, they look stunning in a variety of hues. Simply paint your base coat, and then use only one color to create lines and forms that are abstract. Afterward, use the second color of nail polish to create even more patterns. You’re free to use as many different colors and forms as you’d like. Finish with a layer of clear topcoat to protect your work from fingerprints.

Rainbow Nail Artwork

To put it another way, more color is better in the summer. Because of this, a manicure including rainbow nails is a no-brainer. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to decorate or if you’re doing your own nails and aren’t very skilled at sketching. Paint each nail a different color from a palette of three to five options. A gradient or complementary color scheme is preferable.

You may also make yourself ombre Summer Nails by painting a gradual gradient that goes from your pinky to your thumb and also the other way around. This is still another alternative. Select hues from the spectrum, gradations of a single hue, or colors that are visually similar. Even if this manicure seems essential, the results will be stunning.

Keep It Neutral

The more color, the better, as we’ve previously established. However, not everyone is a fan of vivid hues. It’s easy to maintain objectivity if you’re one of those folks. Make a base coat of nude nail paint. Then, to keep your manicure on the cutting edge of fashion, add only a few abstract lines in either black or white. Additionally, you may add some rhinestones for added impact. Your last touch will be the application of your top coat. Neutral nails are a must-have on those scorching summer days since they go with everything.

The French Manicure

The French manicure never goes out of fashion. It’s simply so beautiful in its simplicity. So gorgeous, even if it is only a simple white French manicure. Summer, on the other hand, is a great time to try new things. Never be scared to experiment with various French manicure designs. What a great example this is, and the good thing is that you can fully reproduce it yourself.

You’ll need a dotting tool, nail paint in various colors, and patience. Simply start applying dots in various colors to the tips of your Summer Nails after you’ve applied your base coat. You are free to use as many as you want, in as many different colors as you like. In the end, you’ll have a charming summer nail design.

Nail Art with Empty Spaces

For the last several years, this has become one of the most prominent trends. In addition, it seems to be continuing at a rapid pace. Doing your nails in a negative space is a lot of fun. It also comes in a variety of forms and sizes. Whether it’s an abstract design, a French manicure in negative space or a heart-shaped manicure like the one seen above, this kind of manicure is really unique. If you want your girlfriends to know where you had your nails done, paint them an eye-catching hue.

Choose A Summer Theme

Choosing a summer theme and sticking with it is the simplest way to come up with manicure designs for this season. Everything, from palm trees to beach waves to flowers and fruits, is beautiful in its own right. In 2022, nothing beats a summer-themed manicure for sheer silliness and good times. A lovely yellow manicure, like the one in the picture, is made even more attractive by the inclusion of honey, bee, and sunflower.

Apply A Matte Finish

The matte finish is one of the most popular options when it comes to nail art for the autumn and winter seasons. However, this year’s summer nail designs also include a matte finish. It’s also logical. During the warmest months of the year, all of the bright colors and colorful decorations can withstand a touch of matte. There is no need for them to have a polished finish to seem beautiful since they are already bright and exciting.

Allow Your Summer Nails to Shine

Actually, we have previously spoken about the matte finish. And although, indeed, brightly colored nails don’t need as much shine, others like it. Because of this, any metallic nail paint is suitable for you. Glitter, shimmer, foil, and magnetic are just a few possibilities available. All of these nail polishes are adorned with glitter. So, if you like it, don’t be scared to try it in all of its hues and varieties.

Nails With Matte Spots

cracked chocolat nails

Spring is the best time of year to wear patterned manicures like this one. The matte surface enhances the subtle hues, making them even more lovely.

Metallic Pink and Green Colors

pink neon nails

This style is perfect for those who like the look of long, square acrylic Summer Nails. When it comes to summer attire, metallic is always a good choice.

Neon Yellow

neon orange nails

This bright orange tint will make your nails pop. It is ideal for the summertime, and wearing it will definitely set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Pastel Swirls

pastel nails

This design is perfect for those who want a more subdued color palette. The swirls and soft hues are ideal for a woman’s style.

Soft Orange

neon top nails

When it comes to summer, nothing says chic like orange nails. The pastel orange color is feminine and delicate, as well as the French tips provide a traditional touch.


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