Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, Trino Marin, is also known as Jose Trinidad Marin. In 1964, José Trinidad was born. The United States is where he was born, and Aquarius is his horoscope sign. American singer and composer Jenni Rivera was Jenni Rivera’s ex-wife. Additionally, Jenni was a very enthusiastic actress, philanthropist, businesswoman, and spokeswoman. Jenni was also a famous television producer, unlike Jose Trinidad.

Jose Marin: Who Is He? (Trino Marin)

Jose Trinidad Marin goes by the name Trino Marin in real life. On Feb 15, 1964, he was born in California, the United States. Jenni Rivera (ex-Jose Trinidad) was almost unknown to the general public prior to her wedding. Trino’s attention is drawn to the fact that he goes by his full name. Jose is descended from a line of Christian ancestors and takes pride in that heritage. Due to the fact that she is talented in acting, songwriting, and singing, Jenni has become a well-known name in the media.

The couple chooses to keep their private lives a secret. As a result, there is very little information on the pair available on the internet. When Jenni Rivera was a little girl, Jose Trinidad has seen her for the very first time in secondary school. The bulk of Jose Trinidad Marin’s income came from his professional career. Before he married Jenni Rivera, Trino Marin was a manager at a Mexican-American café. Jose was born in Mexico and now lives in the United States. He identifies as both American and Mexican. Before settling permanently in America in the 1980s, Trino’s parents reared him in Mexico. At this moment, it is not apparent how he intends to go to the United States.

Early Life of Trino Marin

According to his introduction to the statement, José will be 58 years old in February of 2022. The individual is well-built, with an exquisite demeanor to go along with it. Aquarius-born José has a mixed personality and a mixed background. He has a powerful frame and stands at the height of 5’9″. That’s not all: He’s also an ardent advocate of Jesus Christ and an ardent follower of the Christian faith.

As far as Trinidad’s family is concerned, there is very little information available on his parents. There are some members of his family whose identities are still a mystery. He had a crush on Jenni while he was in high school. Jenni and José divorced as a result of José’s physical and verbal abuse of her. She had her first kid, Janney “Chiquis,” at age 15 while still in high school. Marn’s ex-sister-in-law was subjected to the same repressive treatment as his children.

At a Mexican-American café, José was the manager. He enjoys going on adventures just as much as he enjoys listening to music. His primary source of income is derived from his own labor. Trino worked in a variety of fields throughout the early stages of his relationship with Jenni. Fair compensation became possible for him as an eatery manager after his employment there. Rather than sending Jenni back to school while he was away, he recommended she remain home with the kids and take care of them. After initially being determined, Jenni and Trino both turned out to be actually ferocious in the face of each other.

Relationship Status

In 1984, the couple’s vows were renegotiated. During their wedding, Jose was just 20 years old, and Jenni was only 15. At the time of their marriage, Jenni was pregnant with her first child. For some people, marriage might seem like a fairytale, while for others, it is a life-altering choice. It was a dream of Jenni’s, too, that her marriage would turn out as a wonderful fairytale. Her marriage was riddled with difficulties and unrelenting abuse. Her husband sexually molested her siblings as well as her two young kids. We currently don’t know anything about her new wife or family. Please check back for updates as soon as they become available.

The Conflict There in The Jose Trinidad Family

Not only was Jose’s image tarnished as the husband of a star, but he also inappropriately touched Jenni’s younger sister. Jose Marin was abused and assaulted by his younger sister, who confessed to the crime in 1997. He sexually assaulted and tormented his elder daughter, Chiquis, according to Jenni’s sister. Trino Marin had abused his own children, Jaqueline and Chiquis, according to the results of the physical evaluation.

His case became public, and Jose Marin faced jail for nine years. Following that, in April of 2006, Marin was given a sentence of 31 years in jail for an assault and a rape that’d been proven. On top of that, Jenni, his wife, was allegedly abused by him as well. In 1992, the singer filed for divorce from her husband of five years, Trino Marin.

Why Was Trino Marin Sent to Jail?

Because of their protest, José was arrested and sentenced to prison for abusing his own family. At the age of twenty-one, José Rivera tied the knot with Jenni Rivera, the love of his life. A few three-year-olds were born in 2000, including Michael and Chiquis. However, in 1992, Marn was arrested and accused of the crime, so they had to go their own ways. Jose hurt Jenni both physically and mentally. For this, he got 31 years in prison. Until notice, no information on Marn’s new wife is available.

Criminal Case and Prosecution of Trino Marin

It was only after a protracted inquiry due to which police arrested Trino. His two children were raped as well as his ex-sister-in-law, his wife, and Rosie. His sister-in-law confessed to his horrible act in 1997 after coming forward. When Jenni found out the terrible news that she had just received, she wasted no time in initiating legal action against her ex-husband. To make an appearance in court, he was summoned after his complaint was filed but fled and ended himself on the wanted list. In order to begin a new life, he changed his identity and migrated to Riverside County.

In April 2006, police arrested him and charged with crimes despite his attempts to remain anonymous. Moreover, Trino’s sexual assault trial took an year until found guilty and sentenced to jail. To be served consecutively, he was given a sentence of 31 years in prison.

The court also ordered three cases of oral sexual contact with minors, one incident of sexual abuse, one offense of repeated sexual abuse, and nine counts of felony criminal sexual misconduct. Everyone in his family was there for him when he went on trial. His eldest daughter, Chris, forgives him for sexually molesting her for four years.

The career of Trino Marin

One of Jose Trinidad Marin’s employees also sexually assaulted and harassed by the restaurant management. This young man went to jail for a variety of indecent acts of desire, including small, serious, and explicit sexual transgressions, as well as for his troubled upbringing. The court condemned Trino to 31 years in prison. Jenni wanted a divorce from Jose because he traumatized her physically and mentally.

As a result, her ex-abuse husband’s scandal wasn’t brought to light until years after the couple had divorced. After they became adults, Chiquis and Jacqie Marn, as well as Rosie Rivera, Trino Marn’s daughter-in-law, were all exploited by Trino Marin. Three accusations of indecent conduct against a child, three occurrences of oral intercourse with a minor, an aggravated sex crime, and a continuous sex offense were found against him onMay 9 by the jury.

Net Worth of Trino Marin

According to our analysis, Trino Marin’s net worth at the time of Jenni Rivera’s incarceration ranged from $600000 to $800000. Even so, his managers dismissed him from his previous job at a restaurant because of his behavior toward one of his subordinates.

Death of Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera was in a Learjet 25 when it crashed on Dec 9, 2012. She died in the crash. A slight problem with the plane’s engine ended in a crash. Monterrey, Mexico, is where the aircraft went down. In addition to Rivera, six other passengers died in the crash. Due to the incident, Jenni Rivera was going to play at a Mexican music festival. Her relative buried Rivera in the All Souls Chapel and Cemetery on Long Island on Dec 31, 2012.

Relationship Between Trino Marin and His Children

They all have an excellent connection with Trino Marin even though he did assault his children. His oldest daughter, Chiquis, was also in attendance for the wedding. Besides her YouTube channel, Chiquis also wrote a blog post detailing her whole interaction with Jose. When Chiquis calls, Jaqueline answers the phone and passes it to him.

Jaqueline was reunited with her father, Jose, in 2017 after a long period of imprisonment. In an online rant, she pleaded that everyone (including her aunt) must forgive him for their encounter with Jose. According to Chiquis’ YouTube Vlog, Jose Trinidad Marin is indeed a nice father despite making their upbringing a confusing fantasy.

Where is Trino Marin?

Rumor has it That Jose Trinidad is released from prison for good conduct was widely reported. For the first time in a long time, one of Trinidad’s brothers appeared in public. The individual said he was unaware of Jose’s release from prison. He also said Jose’s health is okay while he’s in prison.

Some others also signed a petition to keep Jose in jail. This shows that Trino’s acts continue to enrage people, and they do not want him to go. Rosie Rivera also said that if Jose is interested, he is welcome to attend one of her conferences. Rosie manages a number of organizations that help victims of sexual assault and abuse.

Trino Marin: 11 Interesting Facts

  1. Trino persuaded his wife to go back to school rather than remain at home and do nothing. Rivera, on the other hand, was content and preferred to spend time with her family and at home. A little quarrel quickly snowballed into a major scandal.
  2. Trino Marin is also well-known as Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband.
  3. His year of birth is 1964. Furthermore, he has already attained the age of 56. On top of that, he had a birthday on Feb 15 every year.
  4. Trino Marin’s father, mother, and family members aren’t public or even in the media.
  5. Ex-wife: American singer/actress and singer-songwriter. The two fell in love in high school and married in 1984, only two years after they’d first met. Two girls and a boy are in the family.
  6. Jose and Jenni severed ties after the sad discovery that Jose sexually molested his children Jacquie and Chiquita, as well as their in-law Rosie.
  7. He is in jaild due to his physical and mental abuse of both his kid and his in-laws.
  8. There isn’t a Wikipedia page about his personal information. There is no information regarding Jose Trinidad’s work history that is on the internet.
  9. He’s kept things quiet when it comes to his schooling and credentials. However, based on his achievements, it looks like he has a good education.
  10. José Trinidad’s net worth is not public yet. The specifics of one’s income or payment are also not public.
  11. By nationality, he is an American. He is also a member of European ancestry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Exactly Is Jose Trinidad Marin?

Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, Trino Marin, who is aka Jose Trinidad Marin, is a famous American singer and composer. He was husband of Jenni Rivera, an actor, speaker, and businesswoman. He was born on Feb 15, 1964. Thus, he’s 54 years old. In the United States, he was born under the sign of Aquarius. Jenni was also a well-known television producer, unlike Jose Trinidad.

What Is Jose Trinidad Marin’s Age?

He was born in Mexico, and he is now 57. His wife accused him of engaging in lascivious behaviour with adolescents, as well as aggravated and repeated sexual harassment and assault of children. The court condemned Trino to 31 years in prison.

Does Jose Trinidad Marin Have a Wife?

We don’t know anything about her new family or spouse at this time. Please check back for updates as soon as they become available.

What Is Jose Trinidad Marin’s Height?

Trino has a responsibility to look his best as Jenni Rivera’s spouse. 5-foot-10-inch Mexican with brown hair and dark eyes.

Who Is the Spouse of Jenna Rivera?

Jenna Rivera’s ex-husband is Jose Trinidad Marin. In 1984, the couple’s vows each other. Jose was just 20 years old during their wedding, and Jenni was only 15. At the time of their marriage, Jenni was pregnant with her first child. Her marriage had many difficulties and unrelenting abuse. Her husband sexually molested her siblings as well as her two young kids. In 1992, they divorced.


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