Veronica Gutierrez, a model, and actress from Chicago, Illinois, was born in the United States. Her acting career has made her a household name. She began her modeling profession as a means of showcasing her natural ability in the field. Alma, Chicago Fire, and P.D. are just a few of the shows she has been in since 2012. (2015). Veronica Gutierrez Wiki, Height, Weight, and Family Life: Here, you’ll learn all there is to know about the actress. She is a model and actress from Mexico City. Throughout high school, she appeared in several productions, including Little Shop of Horrors as well as Joseph and the Colorful Dreamcoat. When she went to a modeling training program as a child, she developed a greater interest in the arts. As a model and actress, she made a name for herself in the entertainment business at an early age.

Veronica’s acting and modeling careers brought her enormous recognition and fortune. She’s appeared in a number of indie films. During the 2016 Chicago Latino Film Festival, she made her film debut as Jessica in the film Alma, which had its world premiere there. In addition, she has visited several film festivals in the U.S. At the Mexico International Film Festival, she won the Silver Palm Award. Additionally, she recently starred in the short film Genesis as the main actress. Her personal life is a mystery at this time. She does a lot of boxing-style physical training. She enjoys reading, photography, studying, traveling, perusing the internet, and concocting smoothie bowls. Alfonso Herrera, as well as Kate Del Castillo, are said to be possible co-stars. You can find out all we know about her in the information provided below. See Veronica Gutierrez’s age, height, weight, and other personal information.

Veronica Gutierrez Wiki

A lot of people know who Veronica Gutierrez is. Because she hasn’t made her birthday public yet, we don’t know how old she really is. She has no zodiac sign since her date of birth is unknown. Veronica was born and raised in Mexico, where she has Mexican citizenship. She hails from a Hispanic family and is a practicing Christian. Veronica, on the other hand, keeps her upbringing a secret from the media and her family. Veronica’s siblings and parents remain a mystery to the media. Her educational background, as well as that of her husband, has not been made public in any of the media reports on the case.

  • Full Name: Veronica Gutierrez
  • Popular For: Mother of Devin Booker
  • Profession: Cosmetologist
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Children: Devin Booker
  • Weight: 65 kg

Who is Veronica Gutierrez?

Famous Mexican-American cosmetologist Veronica Gutierrez is well-known for being the mother of NBA star Melvin Booker. The “Phoenix Suns” of the National Basketball Association are most known for their star player, Melvin Booker, an American. Veronica Gutierrez has had a successful career, despite being a famous mother. We’re going to tell you a little bit about Veronica’s life, including how old she is, how many children she has, who her husband is, and how much money she makes. Let’s have a peek at her profile before we go any further.

How Old Is Veronica Gutierrez?

Veronica Gutierrez looks to be in her late forties, according to her appearance. Her actual date of birth is unknown to us. Because of her reserved demeanor, we don’t know much about her upbringing or family. When her kid became famous, his proud mother was unknown. As a result, her life before Devin’s fame is uncertain.

Early Childhood

As a well-known public figure, Veronica Gutierrez is a well-liked mother. However, since she has yet to publicly disclose her birth date, there is currently no way of knowing her precise age. In the same way, her horoscope is a mystery due to the fact that her birth date has not been released. Veronica, on the other hand, is a Mexican citizen by birth. As for her race and religious affiliation, she is Hispanic and a practicing Christian. Veronica, on the other hand, has not disclosed much about her upbringing or family members in the media. Similar to her siblings and parents, there is no media coverage of her family members. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that she has a college degree. Her educational history has been kept a secret by the media.

Family of Veronica Gutierrez

In addition to her boyfriend Melvin Booker, Gutierrez accepted Devin into her home. In spite of this, the two never wed. Melvin, a former NBA player, is also an author. While his wife Veronica looked after their kid, he went on tours around Europe and Asia. As a matter of fact, Gutierrez and Booker first met in the CBA when Gutierrez was a member of the Grand Rapids Mackers. They quickly developed a strong friendship.

Melvin began teaching Devin the art of fencing at a young age. His kid attended Moss Point High School, where he worked as an assistant coach. Veronica also has two children from a previous relationship, so there’s that. Mya Powell and Davon Wade are her children. However, the identity of her children’s father remains a mystery. Located in Pinnacle Peak, Davon is a real estate agent. Mya, on the other hand, has a genetic disease called microdeletion syndrome.

Professional Life

In reference to her notoriety, Veronica is well known since she is the mother of the well-known professional basketball star Devin Booker. As a matter of fact. As a cosmetologist, Veronica works with people’s hair. Similarly, Booker, her eldest son, is a paid professional basketball player in the United States. He is now a member of the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association. In addition, Devin cites his father, Melvin Booker, as an influence on his decision to pursue a career in the NBA. His father Melvin’s way of life had a significant impact on him. Furthermore, he was inspired by his father and had been playing basketball since he was in elementary school. Additionally, he would use e-mail to stay in touch when on business trips to other nations and play games with them.

What is Her Nationality?

There are not many people who are aware that Veronica, who works in the beauty industry, is of Mexican-American background and is derived from Puerto Rican forebears. Veronica is also a cosmetologist. Although she was supposedly born in Puerto Rico, she’s most likely the daughter of a Mexican immigrant who came to the United States from Los Nogales, Mexico. While she is Mexican, Veronica unintentionally blocked her children, especially Devin, from learning about their family’s heritage. In fact, her son Devin once said that he didn’t feel a connection to his Latino heritage until he relocated to Phoenix in 2015, soon after earning his degree from the University of Kentucky.


A Mexican model and actress, Veronica Gutierrez is a household name. Veronica began mimicking Gloria Trevi as a child and dreamed of appearing in telenovelas at a young age. Because of this, she developed an interest in the arts when she was only a little girl. She started her adventure by participating in practically all of her high school plays and musicals, including productions of Little Shop of Horrors & Joseph as well as the Technicolor Dreamcoat, after she had completed a modeling training program. This was the beginning of her career.

As well as student and indie films, Veronica has appeared a number of them. Alma, which premiered at the Chicago Latino Film Festival in 2016, featured her in the character of Jessica. She has shown at several film festivals around the United States and was honored with the Silver Palm Award there at Mexico International Film Festival. Her most recent performance was as the lead in the film Genesis. Gutierrez has also worked as a voiceover actress, demonstrating her adaptability. As a result, her voice may be heard in numerous huge lots and Kmart advertising on television and radio.

Net worth

Veronica is a cosmetologist when it comes to her net worth and earnings. She, too, is generating a big salary in her work. According to several online estimates, she has a net worth of between $1.6 million as well as $2.5 million, which she earned as a cosmetologist.

Is Veronica Gutierrez Currently Dating or Single?

Since divorcing Melvin, Veronica has a new boyfriend. She kept the man’s identity a secret. It’s unclear whether she’ll be dating or not in 2021. Veronica Gutierrez is married or involved in a relationship, according to the available information. Devin Booker’s mother does not seem to be married or in a relationship at this moment. Veronica is Mexican-American as well as a licensed cosmetologist, but this is a fact that only a few people are aware of, despite her dual citizenship and Puerto Rican roots. Even though her father was born in the Mexican town of Los Nogales, she is said to have been born on the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico.

The reality is that, in spite of Veronica’s Mexican heritage, she has unintentionally cut her children, particularly Devin, apart from their past. Following his short stint playing college football at the University of Kentucky, her son Devin said that he felt like he was getting near to having Latino ancestry after coming to Phoenix in 2015. Veronica is not a member of any of the several social media networks now in use by the general public.

Relationship Status

Let’s take a look at Veronica’s love life. So, does she have a significant other? She is now single and unmarried as of 2021. Gutierrez, on the other hand, had a long-term relationship with Melvin Booker, with whom she was much in love. When he was a student at the University of Missouri, Melvin was a professional basketball player. The pair met in Grand Rapids, the hometown of Gutierrez, where Melvin was a member of the Grand Rapids Hoops. Devin Booker was the outcome of their relationship, which started shortly afterward. A son, Devin, was born to them on October 30, 1996, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Afterward, the unmarried couple split up, but they continued to work together as co-parents for Devin.

Gutierrez also has three children of her own. She also has two more children from a previous relationship, one of them is Devin. Davon Wade and Mya Powell were born on February 17, 1993. The father of the children, on the other hand, is still a mystery. As a child, Devin grew raised in Grandville, Michigan, and his mother inter-cropped to see Melvin in Europe. Moss Point High School at Moss Point, Mississippi, was Melvin’s first stop as an assistant coach. As a member of the McDonald’s All-American Game, Booker participated in 2014.

Veronica Gutierrez Husband

However, as of the time that this item was published on our website, Thrill NG, Veronica has not yet tied the knot. However, we learned that Melvin Booker, a former professional basketball player from the United States, was her ex-boyfriend. During the course of his career, Booker appeared in over 30 games. On a related topic, Melvin Booker used to play for the Houston Rockets back in 1995-1996. In a similar vein, he used to play for the highly regarded University of Missouri. As it turned out, his professional basketball career as an American ended in 2008 when he opted to hang up his cleats.

Veronica and Melvin Booker first met in 1995, while Veronica was still married to Melvin. The day they met, Melvin was playing for the Grand Rapids Mockers there in CBA. Devin Booker, their sole biological son, was born as a result of the couple’s personal relationship. Despite the fact that they parted ways after a few years owing to a lack of communication and, as a result, conflicting schedules, the pair remains friendly. They split up because they were both preoccupied with their professional lives. They were, and still are, excellent parents to their children, as they have always been.

Her Son Devin Plays in the NBA

Devin Booker, Veronica’s second child, is an American basketball player who now competes for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. The Phoenix Suns selected him 13th overall there in the 2015 NBA Draft. As one of the league’s top players, Devin has been selected to the NBA All-Star team three times. In addition, he holds the record for the most points scored by a player under the age of 24 in a game. In 2018, he was the winner of the NBA’s three-point contest. Later in 2021, Booker led the Suns to the NBA Finals. Kendall Jenner, an American model, is now dating Devin.

Social Media

There is no activity on Veronica Gutierrez’s Facebook or Twitter accounts. When she split from her lover, she chose to keep her personal life out of the public spotlight. Veronica, on the other hand, often attended with her kid. Her son has a sizable fan base on social media, thanks to his prolific postings. His Instagram account now has over 4.6 million followers.

What Presently Is Veronica Gutierrez Doing?

We may never know. Gutierrez makes a living as a cosmetologist. We don’t know where she started or where she is now in her career. Prior to becoming the NBA star’s mother, she wished to keep her life as secret as it was before. Veronica Gutierrez’s secluded lifestyle makes it difficult to know what she is doing in both her personal and professional lives. It is unknown if she is presently married or involved with anybody else in a romantic relationship at this time. Additionally, there is no word on how successful she is as a cosmetologist. According to rumors, she’s doing well and enjoying the life of her dreams.

Veronica Gutierrez: 5 Quick Facts

In 2008, Devin Booker’s mother, Veronica Gutierrez, gave her son permission to fly to Mississippi to focus on his basketball career with his father. Booker is a professional basketball player. Devin’s choice surprised his father since he hadn’t spent much time with him since returning from Europe and Asia. It was also Veronica who had raised her child the whole time. In the end, it was shown that she had made the right choice for herself and her child. Devin is already a household name in the NBA, and he played a key role in the United States, taking home the gold medal in the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

The Spouse Of Veronica Gutierrez Was Once A Basketball Player

Veronica and Devin’s father, as well as Veronica’s baby daddy, is Melvin Jermaine Booker. Ex-basketball star from the United States of America There was no marriage between Melvin and Gutierrez, even though many people assume that they are married.

During his time at the University of Missouri, Melvin Booker played the position of a point guard. Booker was a part of the Houston Rockets during the 1995-1996 NBA championship season. From 1996-1997, he played for the Nuggets and Warriors. Booker played 32 games for the NBA during his time as a professional basketball player.

In 2008, he made the decision to end his career as a professional basketball player. After that, he traveled to Moss Point, Mississippi, to practice with his son Devin Booker, who was staying with his mother there. To assist his son in succeeding in his chosen area, he even went so far as to hire a career coach in 2011.

Gutierrez Has Three Children

Devin Booker’s mom has three kids, all of whom have different fathers. Her son, Devin Booker, is a famous athlete. As a professional basketball player for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA, he is a well-known American athlete. Devin Gutierrez was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on October 30, 1996, at the age of 25. Devin’s father, Melvin Booker, is a prosperous businessman.

Before becoming a mother to Devin Booker, Veronica Gutierrez already had a child called Davon Wade. There is a considerable age gap between Davon and Devin. As a Detroit-area real estate agent, he has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University.

Mya Renee Powell, Veronica’s third child, had a chromosomal genetic condition called microdeletion syndrome when she was born in 2002, although she has now outgrown it. In May of 2021, she will get her high school graduation. Devin has always looked up to Mya as a source of motivation and strength.

Gutierrez Was The Only Parent For Devin Booker

Melvin Booker, as well as Veronica Gutierrez Booker, met for the first time in 1995. At the time, Melvin was playing for the Grand Rapids Mackers in the CBA. After that, the two started dating and became close. Their first child, Devin Booker, was born in 1996. Melvin did not spend his whole basketball career in the U.S.

Instead, he took his games on the road and visited Europe and Asia. They were unable to consummate their relationship as a consequence. Because of this, Devin’s upbringing would be solely her responsibility as a single mother. She did not leave the state of Michigan with all of her three children, all of whom she had raised in Midland, which is a suburb of Grand Rapids, the city where she was born. As far as Melvin went, he wasn’t entirely absent.

The father helped raise his son by going to his sports games during the summer. During Devin’s 12th year of life, Melvin, his father, announced his retirement from the NBA in 2008. On his return to his native state of Mississippi, Veronica convinced him to bring his son, who resides in Michigan, to Mississippi and help their kid with his basketball career. For as long as Veronica and Melvin were together, they’ve always supported their son’s basketball career, even if they were never married.

She Does Not Have A Husband

Veronica Gutierrez and Melvin Booker were never married, despite the widespread belief that she is the latter’s wife. It was in the 1990s, when they started dating that they discovered that she already had one kid to deal with. On the other hand, the intricacies of that connection remain a mystery. In the early 2000s, after a second marriage ended in divorce, Powell gave birth to her daughter, Mya, with her second husband. Furthermore, Mya Powell’s father’s identity remains a mystery. Veronica Gutierrez hasn’t been in a relationship since at least 2022. By 2021, she expects to be alone and unmarried, and thus she has decided to keep her personal life a secret.

The Highest Contract Ever Signed by A Phoenix Suns Player Belongs To Veronica Gutierrez’s Son

The Phoenix Suns signed Devin Booker to a five-year, $158 million deal in 2018, making it the most expensive contract in the team’s history and elevating him to the position of league MVP. His salary for the NBA regular season of 2023–2024 is set at $36 million according to the terms of the deal. However, by the time his professional career comes to a close in 2021, he will have amassed a total of $65 million in earnings. For the year 2020, Devin earned $6 million in sponsorships alone, according to Forbes, putting his net worth at $50,000,000.


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