It is possible for Oacian to travel on land and in the amphibian realm. Stable, serious, and hardcore sticklers they are. When they are not using their tails to propel themselves through the water, you may find them wandering the land just like any other Valk or Dex. In order to avoid drying out, Oacians need a canal to be present in every dwelling place. They can’t go very long without water, and if they do, their skin will most certainly get parched.

Temperature and moisture may be felt on them. Some creatures have scales on particular parts of their bodies, which resemble the colorations on people’s skin. They’ll appear in a range of chilly shades, from mild blues to dark purples and ocean greens, as their skin cools down. Even though Oacian hasits own area of the sea, they may also be found in other extensive waterways.

It is recommended that these natural settings have a minimum depth of one hundred feet of uncontrolled water. Even though they have a sizeable ocean-bottom metropolis called Crythpool, it’s divided into sections that are at different depths in the water. A little island along the beach has a land-faring exchange entry.

What is Oacian?

Such creatures like Oacian are able to survive both on land and in water. Water-based and land-based animals are both types of creatures. They can, however, better withstand both surfaces and live independently on either. They have the ability to dwell on land and in the amphibian realm.

Walking Or Strolling:

These creatures are firm, serious, and sticklers in their beliefs and actions. When these creatures aren’t swimming with their tails, this is how it appears from this perspective. When roaming the earth, those creatures may walk and saunter like any other Valk or Dex.

Land And Water-Based Surfaces:

Walking or strolling on a river or surface is required in the present, although people may live in whatever location they want. They like to live both on land and in the water. Therefore we can say that they are marine creatures. These creatures don’t need to be dried out, and they may dwell anywhere they choose. Their skin can dry out in any season or temperature, and they don’t have to avoid water for lengthy periods of time.

What Kind of Oacian Creatures Exist?

This is a group of creatures that like to dwell on cold and damp surfaces, as well as in regions where their skin and bodies may be readily touched. Scales may be seen on the body of several types of animals.

Their Skin Colorations:

They’re like persons with varying skin tones, in that way. Additionally, they have the perfect skin tone and will blend seamlessly into a variety of shades, including mild pastel blue, dull and dim purple, and, finally, ocean green. They have a place to call home amid the vastness of the seas and azure expanses. It’s not difficult to find them in other, more significant streams.

Natural Surroundings:

There should be at least 100 feet of natural seawater in the ocean for these species and animals to thrive. Cryth-pool is the name given to the capital city of the people of the Crythians. And they’re spread out across a large area of the ocean floor and under the surface of the water. However, despite the fact that they have identical amounts of it, they may be found at various depths in the sea and the ocean, both deep and shallow. There is a land-based exchange and entry mechanism on a small island along the ocean’s edge where they may live and thrive in a more hospitable environment.

Who Primarily Rules the Oacian?

Oacians are unwavering, severe, and exacting people. It’s a lot, to say the least. They adore their Queen “Merlina Lympha de Saevus,” yet she has an iron grip on them. As a result of her own questions about the other four worlds, she has chosen to isolate her family from the rest of humanity. Her people, on the other hand, are trained to disregard such regulations since the only one who actually concentrates on them is their true ruler, according to the political acts of many kingdoms. However, the Oacian people regard her as the only really magnificent depiction of their culture. As a result, they go about their business as she does since that is what is expected of them.

They have a hard time working with people from other races and instead focus on their own endurance. Unlike their ruler, they are very self-conscious and possess their own self-images. Having grown to such enormous proportions, they are no longer constrained by the vast area of weakness they inhabit. They are deceitful and just care about increasing their own personal growth in whatever way possible. In any case, their love for their country endures, as does their steadfast dedication. Other people, on the other hand, may want to break away from their social circles and go it alone. The Oacians look for local and societal support for their cause.

Oacian Culture They Obey Around the Oceans

  • Ocean life envelops the Oacians, but on the other hand, that’s what they are, in a way. Because of this, Oacian has always been my depiction of a mermaid or a fish-like creature.
  • No one would expect to see a jerk devouring a pony, would they? In any case, shellfish are not included in this category. As a result, the Oacian line is primarily vegan, with a few additions of lobster and crab for flavor and nutrition. Oacians, by nature, are meticulous.
  • This means that everything from the layout of their cities to the design of their personal spaces must be flawless. Similar to Valkirians, Oacians value orderliness. Brushing wet hair from scales after proper washing.
  • For an Oacian, cleaning balances is a part of their daily routine. In addition, food should be cleaned properly. It’s a slap in the face to clean up after someone else’s sloppy meal.
  • Because the Oacian people are so self-reliant, they have no concept of disease or the prospect of being sick. The Oacians are shown as a drop of water, which symbolizes their position as the next race and the water components.
  • To decorate their flag, they chose to use a lotus flower and scallop shell as their emblem. Typical of Oacian urban settings, a water-faring bloom featured similar picture states and a marine animal.
  • Opposite to what one would expect from their fish-like bodies, Oacian does spend considerable time on the surface world. Oacians have designated above-water areas where they are free to sunbathe and stretch their legs for as long as they choose.

Oacian Characteristics

Oacians is a species that spends most of its time in water and is readily able to adapt to life on land as well as in water. They are tenacious, stubborn, and severe. They like to dwell in damp and chilly environments. It is common to observe them drooling and trotting over the ground when they aren’t utilizing their tails for swimming. It is essential that they have access to a water-based body at all times in order to maintain their comfort level in their habitat. When you touch them, their body is mainly wet and chilly. Some of their bodies have scales, which you can commonly see.

Skin tone

They have a chilly, moist feeling on their skin. They are able to change their skin color from bright pale blue dim to dull dark purples and ocean greens. The skin of these people is a perfect canvas for any color. They can’t go for lengthy periods of time without water because of their delicate skin, which begins to dry up. It’s not uncommon for them to reside in some regions of the ocean. Seaways and certain large canals also have them.

Natural Surrounding

These Oacian species want to return to their original habitats and spend their lives there. For their existence, there are specific environmental parameters that must be met. Diving at least 100 feet below the surface of the ocean or sea is required. They do, in fact, inhabit both the ocean’s surface and its depths. Their ground interchange facility is located on an island that is linked to the sea. Cryth-pool, also known as Cry-pool, is the capital of the Crythians. Despite the fact that it is claimed to be located at the ocean’s bottom, pieces of it may be found at both the bottom and the top of the water column.

Their Culture and Beliefs

Fish and other marine life populate the surrounding region; hence these species are regarded to be part of it. Mermaids or any other aquatic creature may be portrayed as Oacians, according to this line of reasoning. In spite of their fish-like lifestyle, they have been known to go above the ocean’s surface in order to take in the sights and sounds of the land’s diverse ecosystems. They relax on the grass, their legs stretch out in the warmth, and they take in the scenery.

If a single creature attempts to enter the prohibited realm, it may expect to be expelled from the species for the rest of its existence. And even if the members who were kicked out tried to join the other queen’s court or serve her, they were unsuccessful. For this reason, there were severe conflicts between the two leaders in May of that year. All other Oacian populations have been barred as well. In general, Oacians are exceptionally well-kept and well-structured. They adhere to a few cleaning procedures and are entirely focused on ensuring that the meal is balanced. As far as talent goes, they’re tops in the business.

The Attributes

We don’t yet know how many different kinds of animals live in and around the water. Temperature increase, pollution, and other issues in the ocean ecosystem are becoming more challenging to overcome. Ocean experts say there has been a drop in the number of aquatic species. According to recent studies, humans have yet to discover 90 percent of the world’s marine life. In the ocean’s deepest regions, where light cannot penetrate, it is estimated that millions of undocumented animal species reside.

What Are Oacian’s 12 Positive Traits?

Here are some of these sorts of animals’ notable traits and qualities:

  1. They may enjoy leaving these types of inlets, but they are also permitted to go to other locations.
  2. It seems that they are seeking to flee the Oacian and urban regions without permission or attention from the authorities.
  3. A whole system of search and recovery may be used or a life cycle and ejection.
  4. If you are an Oacian outcast, you won’t be able to live among them since they have separate worlds and conditions.
  5. They are avoiding a political conflict in the marine life cycle. Species diversity is obscured by critters like this, which may live in a community with all of the ocean’s inhabitants.
  6. They may face increasing ocean temperatures, pollution, and other challenges as a result of environmental changes.
  7. There are some oceanographers who recognize that there are a lot of species and that some of these species are in danger of extinction.
  8. Every circumstance has a variety of great and fantastic things that may happen in the future for people.
  9. According to many modern oceanographers, this may be the case for almost all of the sea’s species, and they may confidently claim so.
  10. Various studies and concerns are being conducted to determine whether or not every form of habitat can support life.
  11. A couple of hundred thousand, approximately 3 million different species have been discovered to come from the depths of the ocean and the sea.
  12. There are around 226,000 species of marine and ocean life known at this point in time.


Oacians are a kind of creature that can live both in the ocean and on land. Follow a set of rules to ensure their existence. They are one of nature’s strongest animals since they battle primarily for the welfare of their own kind. They spend around half of their lives underwater, but they also spend time on land for a certain amount of time. Likely to be regarded as fish or mermaids, and their primary objective is to contribute as effectively as possible to the improvement of the whole race. Though much of the planet has been submerged by the ocean, we still haven’t figured out how to get around the vast majority of it.


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